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Chapter 43: Pretentious

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Chapter 43: Pretentious
Lu Hetian ignored Aunt Zheng and led Lu Liangwei to the palace gates.

“Brother Lu!”

At that moment, a hearty voice rang out from not far away.

Lu Hetian frowned, but nevertheless stopped in his tracks and glanced in that direction. “Brother Ji!”

Lu Liangwei had also stopped and followed his line of sight to see a man of similar age to him.

The person was very dignified-looking but seemed a bit gentler and meeker compared to Lu Hetian. A young girl was trailing behind him.

Seeing Lu Liangwei, the girl humphed and turned her head away in disdain.

Her exclamation was rather loud and was not only heard by Lu Liangwei but also by Lu Hetian and Duke Ji.

Duke Ji looked a little embarrassed but did not reprimand the girl and simply nodded to Lu Liangwei. “Second Miss Lu is here too?”

Due to the original host’s memory, Lu Liangwei recognized who the person in front of her was and bowed slightly to him in greeting. “Greetings from Liangwei to Duke Ji.”

Duke Ji eyed her in surprise—he did not expect her to bow to him.

Recalling the Lu Liangwei he had seen previously, he sized up the girl silently.

He then stroked the mustache under his nose and said flatteringly, “Long time no see. Second Miss Lu has become even more beautiful. The way she carries herself is the epitome of a daughter of noble birth, nothing like my wild girl Ling’er.”

Hearing this, Ji Lingxiu interjected angrily, “Father, who would talk about their daughter like that?” With that, she shot a furious glare at Lu Liangwei. “Pretentious!”

Lu Liangwei raised her eyebrows slightly. According to her host’s memory, she learned that the original Lu Liangwei had had some beef with this girl. It was unsurprising that she harbored hostility toward her.

Duke Ji was very displeased. “Ji Lingxiu, if you continue to behave so unreasonably, you can go home instead of entering the palace.”

Ji Lingxiu did not seem to fear him at all and pulled a face. “Hmph, I won’t listen to you. I’ll go into the palace myself and find Big Sis.” Right after saying that, she dashed off into the palace like a wisp of smoke.

Duke Ji turned to Lu Hetian and the others helplessly and said, “I’ve spoiled this girl too much, how embarrassing it is for you to see this.”

“You’re too humble, Brother Ji. She’s just a little girl throwing a tantrum.” Lu Hetian shook his head, seemingly unaffected by the matter.

The group then entered the palace together.

It was the emperor’s thirtieth-year birthday banquet today, and many court officials had come along with their families.

The banquet was held in Jade Dew Hall.

When Lu Liangwei followed Lu Hetian into the hall, many people were already there. As the emperor and his consorts had not yet arrived, these people gathered in groups of twos and threes to pass the time chatting.

As the saying goes, a place with women is a place filled with gossip.

The moment Lu Liangwei stepped into Jade Dew Hall, the people stopped talking abruptly, and all eyes turned to stare at her.

Their gazes showed a bit of surprise, but for the most part, it was contempt.

Lu Liangwei knew the reason for this and did not take it to heart.

However, Lu Hetian was enraged. His piercing glare swept over the crowd, and only then did the people restrain themselves a little.

The Grand Duke’s name was nowhere near nominal, and anyone would remain somewhat scrupulous when seeing him.

The Lu Family Army, headed by Lu Hetian, had quelled countless wars for the Great Shang Kingdom.

Moreover, he had personally fought in various lands and radiated a murderous aura, assimilated from his rich experience on the battlefield. Whenever he released this aura, it was frighteningly overwhelming.

No matter how much everyone despised Lu Liangwei, nobody dared to show it in front of Lu Hetian after this.

Duke Ji could not stand these people as well. They were the type that had nothing better to do than gossip about others’ trivial matters.

Turning his head, he saw Lu Liangwei standing quietly as if she had not been affected by the people’s strange gazes, and he could not help feeling surprised.

Second Miss Lu seemed to be somewhat different from before.

His recollection of Lu Liangwei was that of an arrogant and impulsive personality. With Lu Hetian’s favor, she was always reckless in her actions and could never stand the ridiculing gazes of others.

If it were in the past, the girl would have jumped out and yelled at the crowd.

“Second Miss Lu, don’t bother stooping to their level,” he opened his mouth to pacify her.

Lu Liangwei smiled. “I didn’t take it to heart.”

Hearing this, Duke Ji was a little astonished.

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