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Chapter 432: 432

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Chapter 432: Long Yang’s Jealousy

For some reason, she did not want him to misunderstand her.

The thought of this made her feel slightly gloomy.

“Does my past with the Crown Prince bother you so much?” Her beautiful eyes watched him closely, as if trying to search for any telling signs from his face.

However, he had always been a difficult person to decipher. Even when he was being gentle to her, his eyes were deep and unpredictable. It was impossible to figure out what he was thinking.

She lowered her eyes in dejection.

Of course this would bother Long Yang. How could it not?

This was even more pronounced as he recalled that she was willing to hang herself over Long Chi before. He felt upset at this.

Even though that episode was all in the past, the girl that he liked used to have someone else in her heart. That was an undeniable fact.

When he realized that he was liking this girl more and more, he wanted her body and heart to belong to him and only him.

This was why he felt a pang of heartache, and a tinge of unhappiness, when he thought about her foolishness from before.

However, when he saw the dark, pretty eyes of the girl, he went against his heart and said, “It doesn’t bother me. If I did, I wouldn’t have allowed myself to fall for you.”

Lu Liangwei felt that his words were not entirely true.

It surely must bother him, because no one could be unaffected by something like this.

Long Yang pulled the unwilling girl forcefully into his arms as he softly cajoled her. “This is my fault. You shouldn’t be angry. I’m just feeling remorse over why I hadn’t been attracted to you earlier.”

Lu Liangwei laid in his arms as she listened to his words; she could not help but feel a sweet tingling sensation from it.

‘It’s lucky that you’re attracted to me only now,’ she quietly said in her heart.

She hesitated for a moment before suddenly reaching out to hug him around the waist.

Long Yang’s body stiffened, but a wave of wild joy followed after.

Ever since he revealed his feelings for her, she had never taken the initiative to embrace him.

The soft, tender girl in front of him brought out a sense of contentment within him that he had never experienced before.

He was about to tighten his arms and clasped her tightly within them when she suddenly let go of her hug. She lifted her face and looked at him with a serious expression. “You’re not allowed to doubt me. We can’t pretend that the things in the past never happened, but you have to remember this. The one who did all those foolish things was not me. The me right now, is the true me.”

A rare look of confusion appeared in Long Yang’s deep, unpredictable eyes when he heard her words. What did she mean by saying that the person right now was the true her, and the one who did all those foolish things in the past was not?

No matter how intelligent he was, he was unable to fathom the meaning of her words in that short time.

However, even if he did feel some confusion, he still nodded at the sight of the serious-looking girl in front of him. “Alright, I understand.”

Lu Liangwei felt relieved when she heard this. She reached out her hands to push him away. “Alright, you must keep what I said in mind. It’s getting late now. Your Majesty should prepare to return to the Palace.”

Long Yang sighed. “Are you chasing me off now?”

He really wanted to bundle her up in his clothes and carry her away with him.

Lu Liangwei was indignant. “I’m not chasing you off. You’ve been out for quite a while. Don’t you need to return and finish your administrative work?”

Long Yang pinched her face. “Be good, okay?”

Lu Liangwei imitated him and reached out to pinch his face too. “Your Majesty must be good too, okay?”

Long Yang did not expect her to suddenly pinch him with her hands and was taken aback. He said with a husky voice, “Lu Liangwei, how dare you?”

Lu Liangwei was not afraid of him at all. She pursed her lips to say, “High-ranking officials are allowed to start fires, but commoners aren’t allowed to light a spark? You pinched me first.”

The authoritative atmosphere around Long Yang disappeared as he looked adoringly at her. “Only a girl like you would dare to act so brazenly in front of me.”

“Grand Duke, Miss is taking her afternoon nap…”

Zhu Yu’s panicked voice could be heard coming from outside.


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