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Chapter 439: 439

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Chapter 439: There Was A Resolute Look On Her Face

The man grinned hideously when he saw this. He reached his hand out to her. “As long as you serve me well, I would naturally put in a good word…”

Mei’er closed her eyes, trying her best to hold in the disgust.

The look on Chen Qiyu’s face changed as she screamed out in anguish, “No…”

She was already dirty. She did not want Mei’er to become just like her.

Amidst the panic, she grabbed a vase by the side and smashed it on the man’s head when he least expected it.


There was a dull sound and the man fell to the floor with a bloodied face.


The man struggled for a while, as if trying to get up and hit Chen Qiyu, but he could not do so after trying a few times.

Chen Qiyu’s face was pale as she pulled Mei’er up.

Mistress and maidservant huddled together, their faces covered in tears.

“Miss, you shouldn’t do this for me…” Mei’er was sobbing hysterically.

“Be quiet. It’s not the time to cry.” Chen Qiyu picked up the dress on the floor and flung it on Mei’er, while she quickly dressed too.

She spoke in a low voice, “We will seize the chance to escape when somebody comes in.”

There was a resolute look on her face.

She did not want to struggle on whilst at death’s door. She would rather gamble and fight her way out, instead of letting herself be humiliated as a plaything.

If she were to lose this gamble, she would at most surrender her life here.

Mei’er was bewildered, she could only listen and follow whatever Chen Qiyu told her to do.

It was not long before footsteps could be heard outside the door.

It could be the room had probably been silent for quite a while, the person outside pushed the door open and poked his head in to check the situation.

However, his head had just popped into the room when something heavy came crashing on it, and he fell to the floor along with the crash.

Chen Qiyu flung the stool in her hand away when she saw this. She grabbed Mei’er and dashed out.

The night was silent, but the entire house and its rooms were filled with indecent noises, which was why the commotion in Chen Qiyu’s room was not heard.

However, they had underestimated the security of the brothel.

They had just got out of the room when they were stopped.

As she watched the guards blocking her way, Chen Qiyu grabbed Mei’er and retreated a few steps back.

“Do you want to return by yourself, or do you want us to show you the way back?” The guard sneered. They seemed insignificant to him.

They had experienced such matters quite often.

None of the girls here had come willingly. It never mattered if they were unwilling. In the end, they would resign to their fate.

The guards had long been used to such situations after watching it happen so often. They were not too bothered about it.

Chen Qiyu suddenly pulled out a hair stick from her hair and pressed it against her throat. “Let her go, or I’ll die in front of you.”

Mei’er was shocked. “Miss…”

The few guards did not react much to this. Instead, they calmly looked at Chen Qiyu, and said sarcastically, “How much money do you think your cheap life is worth?”

Chen Qiyu sneered. “Your Crown Princess brought me here because she wants me to suffer a fate worse than death. If I end up dying, she won’t get what she wants. When that happens, do you think you’ll be able to escape punishment?”

The guards’ expressions changed upon listening to what she said.

Even though they had no idea who was the mastermind behind all this, they had vaguely guessed it was someone of nobility from the Palace.

Alarms sounded in their heads when they heard Chen Qiyu’s frank words.

If what she said was true and she died, they would have a difficult time explaining this to their master behind the veils.

The guards were hesitant for a while.

“Catch hold of her first. I’ll inform the supervisor and get him to decide.”

One of the guards quickly instructed and left.

At that very moment, a few shadowy figures appeared silently, slashing the throats of the few guards who stood against Chen Qiyu.

Chen Qiyu’s eyes widened, but she stayed silent and did not make a sound. It was until those few shadowy figures had expertly taken down all the guards on duty in the dark that she finally realized what was happening.

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