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Chapter 448: 448

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Chapter 448: Your Majesty, What Kind of Sorcery Are You Practicing

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Zhao Qian hurriedly searched his mind for something that would fascinate the Second Miss Lu, but the curtain of the carriage was suddenly lifted. A man’s slender arm was stretched out.

“Weiwei, come up here.”

Lu Liangwei wanted to pretend that she did not notice that hand, but its presence was so strong that it was hard for her to ignore.

While she was hesitating, she heard the man’s low and pleased voice. “Want me to carry you?”

Before he even finished the sentence, Lu Liangwei swiftly climbed onto the carriage using all her limbs.

“…” Zhao Qian, Chu Jiu, and Zhu Yu were all speechless.

Lu Liangwei entered the carriage, and she was pulled by the man to sit on his lap.

Embarrassed, she could not help but let out a sigh of relief when the curtain fell back in place.

Zhao Qian jumped onto the carriage and was about to start moving it. At this moment, Zhu Yu, who had recovered from her daze, asked immediately, “Miss, what about the shop?”

“You and Jiu go and have a look. If it is satisfactory, let Senior buy it first,” Lu Liangwei replied from the carriage with a self-composed voice.

“Okay, we will head over now.” Zhu Yu responded briskly, running off with Chu Jiu alongside.

The carriage had started to move again, and Lu Liangwei noticed that Long Yang was still holding her. “Your Majesty, I want to sit by myself,” she whispered into his ear, blushing.

Long Yang’s hand on her waist tightened a little, and his voice dropped slightly. “Is it not good for me to hold you?”

“It’s hot,” said Lu Liangwei. Just as she finished speaking, she felt a cool sensation on her waist.

“Is it still hot now?” Long Yang looked at her playfully.

Lu Liangwei bit her lower lip slightly, and lowered her head to look at his palm.

After thinking for a while, she covered his palm with her own. Sure enough, the coolness was coming from his palm.

She turned his palm and inspected it with amazement, “Is this the legendary transmission of internal strength? Your Majesty, what kind of sorcery are you practicing?” It was rather astonishing, just like an air conditioner.

“Legendary? Sorcery?” Long Yang pondered on these words and looked at her, amused.

“Isn’t it sorcery?” Lu Liangwei paused and asked.

“Of course not, this is called the Icy Heart Incantation.” Long Yang raised a finger and stroked her nose.

Suddenly, Lu Liangwei grabbed his palm on an impulse and placed it on her cheek. “Then perhaps Your Majesty could use the Icy Heart Incantation again to cool me down, since it’s nice and comfortable,” she pressed.

With the soft and smooth sensation under his palm, coupled with the girl’s tender voice resounding within the small square space, Long Yang almost lost his self-control.

The cool feeling suddenly disappeared from her face. Before Lu Liangwei could react to this, she heard the man’s low voice. “I’ll channel it to you directly.”

She leaned into the man’s arms, panting. She did not dare to make more rash moves.

Looking at the girl who did not dare to move in his arms, a smile flashed in Long Yang’s eyes. Noticing the sweat on her forehead, he gently wiped it off with a handkerchief.

Lu Liangwei came back to her senses and stopped him quickly. “I’ll do it myself.”

Although this was not the first time the two kissed, it still made her feel stupefied. Her heartbeat went out of control, thumping powerfully as if it was about to jump out of her chest.

She needed to do something to divert her attention.

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