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Chapter 465: 465

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Chapter 465: Lu Liangwei Could Not Quite Withstand It

Long Yang actually did not feel particularly strongly about this nephew of his, but the kid was nevertheless his sister’s only child and was only born when she was thirty years old. Naturally, he still paid some attention toward him.

His royal sister had already lost her husband, and if her only child’s well-being was also compromised, she would definitely fall apart.

“Hmm.” Listening to the girl comforting him with soft tones, Long Yang’s usual cold heart turned soft.

Seeing that the man’s brows were no longer scrunched up, as though he was no longer worried about his troubles, Lu Liangwei’s eyes curved, and she could not resist poking the corner of his mouth with her finger. “Your Majesty, you should smile more.”

With her soft finger poking at the corner of his mouth, it was as if a feather was brushing across his heart, ticklish and soft, which made him feel excited.

His eyes narrowed slightly, then he promptly pulled her into his long arms and said hoarsely, “Are you teasing me?”

Imprisoned in his arms, Lu Liangwei’s face suddenly flushed red and she subconsciously looked around. Although Chu Jiu and Zhao Qian were constantly following them, they did not raise their heads to look in their direction. Lu Liangwei breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m not,” she retorted in a low voice.

“No? Then what is this?” Long Yang grabbed her finger and raised it in front of her.

Lu Liangwei felt embarrassed. “I just thought that you should laugh more…” Keeping a straight face all day was outright scary.

“It seems that Second Miss Lu has also learned to lay her hands and feet on me.” Long Yang eyed her with amusement.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

When did she ever move her feet?

As soon as she was about to refute, her index finger was suddenly encompassed with a feeling of warmth, accompanied by an inexplicable sense of numbness from the tip of her finger.

She froze, her beautiful eyes wide open.

After some time, she finally reacted. Her face blushing, she tried to break her fingers free and whispered, “I didn’t wash my hands, there are germs on it.”

Immediately, the Emperor appeared to become slightly stiff.

The corner of Lu Liangwei’s mouth turned up in a small smile. “I even hugged Lil White and touched its fur with my fingers.”

Long Yang paused, then changed the subject. “You mentioned germs? What are germs?”

Lu Liangwei tucked her moist finger behind her back and rubbed it on her dress, but she could still feel the sense of numbness that could not be rubbed off and thus secretly felt a little embarrassed.

How could he act like that in broad daylight? If the other people saw this, it would look really bad.

Did he not even consider that?

Moreover, as the Emperor, was he not afraid that this would damage his reputation?

She glanced at him, then explained, “Germs are something that can transmit diseases. Basically, it’s a matter of hygiene. For example, I didn’t wash my hands earlier and you just rashly, rashly… it’s easy to get sick that way.”

It was too troublesome to explain, so she just briefly summarized it.

After listening, Long Yang suddenly approached her. “How was I rash just now?”

Lu Liangwei could not quite withstand his questioning. Her face flushed red, she shouted loudly, “You rashly put my finger in your mouth.”

Long Yang grabbed her hand that was behind her back and pulled it in front of her. “Let me see if it’s dirty or not.”

Lu Liangwei hurriedly broke free from his grip. “Germs are invisible, but they definitely exist, so you should wash your hands frequently and don’t simply use your bare hands to touch your food when you’re eating. ”

Watching her serious preaching, the corner of Long Yang’s mouth turned up. “Second Miss Lu knows so much. ”

Lu Liangwei pushed him away and kept a good distance from him before saying, “I don’t want to talk to you about this anymore, I think you should go back.”

Long Yang saw that she was getting agitated, so he decided to stop teasing her. He took out a piece of something from his sleeve and pressed it into her hands. “This is my royal token. If you hold this, it will be easier for you to enter and exit the palace gates in the future.”

Lu Liangwei looked at the royal token in her hands which was slightly smaller than her palm and felt a little surprised. “Is this for me? Other than entering and leaving the palace gates, where else can I go if I have this?”

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