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Chapter 49: It Had Quite A Story

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Chapter 49: It Had Quite A Story

Everyone sat down as ordered.

There was no need for the Emperor to give out further orders as Zhao Qian called out for the palace guards to drag Qin Wanru and her family out of there.

Everyone who saw this behaved accordingly to the situation and no one dared to beg for forgiveness on their behalf.

Only silly people would approach the Emperor on behalf of those he found annoying and unlikable.

Naturally, Lu Yunshuang acted the same and was indifferent about it.

Any sisterly relationship they had in the past was nothing but a joke.

Lin Qingyuan glanced at Lu Yunshuang and suddenly felt uncomfortable in her heart.

She was well aware of how Qin Wanru usually acted. Qin Wanru was always following behind Lu Yunshuang and it was fair to say that she was Lu Yunshuang’s lackey.

However, now that something had happened to Qin Wanru, Lu Yunshuang had chosen to sit on her high horse, as if this had nothing to do with her at all.

Lin Qingyuan frowned, feeling slightly uncomfortable about this.

Aunt Zheng sat beside Lu Liangwei and acted all concerned as she asked, “Weiwei, are you okay?”

Lu Liangwei nodded at Lu Tingchen, indicating to him that she was alright and he did not need to worry about her.

After seeing him sitting down at another table, she turned to look at Aunt Zheng. “You’re being too kind to trouble yourself over this, Aunt Zheng. I am fine.”

“That’s good, that’s good,” Aunt Zheng pretended to sigh with relief. A look flashed in her eyes as a thought seemed to cross her mind. She moved closer to Lu Liangwei and asked quietly, “About Miss Qin acting disgracefully, did it really have nothing to do with you?”

Lu Liangwei glanced at her and replied with a question, “What does Miss Qin acting disgracefully have anything to do with me? What could I have done for that to happen? Aunt Zheng, why don’t you teach me how it’s done?”

Aunt Zheng choked.

She began to have her doubts when she saw Lu Liangwei acting so calmly.

Was it true that Qin Wanru’s farting in front of the emperor had nothing to do with Lu Liangwei?

Lu Liangwei lowered her eyebrows and eyes. Qin Wanru’s sudden disgraceful act was her doing, of course.

Lu Liangwei was good at making poison and was an expert when it came to using it.

When she was throwing water at Qin Wanru, she had mixed some medicinal powder into it that was used to dispel wind from the human body.

Qin Wanru was splashed twice continuously and some of it would have unavoidably gotten into her mouth.

Lu Liangwei had made the medicinal powder, and she did not need to use a lot of it. Only a little was needed to enter a person’s mouth for it to work with optimum effect.

It was at this moment that Lu Hetian found out what had happened, and quickly entered from outside.

He paid his respects to the Emperor and quickly returned to his seat, giving Lu Liangwei a good check.

“Weiwei, what happened just now? Were you hurt?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Nothing happened to me. Don’t worry, Father.”

Lu Hetian felt relieved but when he saw that her sideburns were wet, he could not help frowning. “What happened to your hair?”

Lu Liangwei did not want him to continue dwelling on the matter and replied, “I accidentally splashed myself while drinking water.” With that, she took a handkerchief and wiped her sideburns.

Lu Hetian was doubtful, but as the banquet was starting, he stopped asking further.

The minor incident was quickly forgotten by everyone.

It was the Emperor’s thirtieth birthday today. The start of the banquet began with the presenting of gifts.

As the Crown Prince, Long Chi was the first to present his gift.

Lu Yunshuang stood next to him as they gave their birthday greeting to the Emperor.

“We, your humble kin and his wife, wish our Royal Uncle longevity and abundance of fortune!”

Lu Liangwei felt it was cynical when she heard their wishes.

Long Chi was an ambitious man. He knew that the Emperor was suffering from serious illnesses. One could not help but feel the insincerity in his words.

He probably hoped for the Emperor to pass on early, and he would finally be able to take the throne.

When he was done with the birthday greeting, Long Chi waved his hand and a palace maid holding a tray immediately came forward.

Everyone held their breath as they waited in anticipation to see what birthday gift the Crown Prince had prepared for the Emperor.

They watched as Long Chi took out a folding hand fan from the tray held by the palace maid.

Everyone could not help feeling disapproved when they saw this.

This might only be the thirtieth birthday of the Emperor, but as the Crown Prince, it was quite meager for him to present a gift of a folding hand fan.

Lu Hetian also had a look of disapproval.

Aunt Zheng started to feel anxious when she noticed it.

Lu Liangwei took in everybody’s expressions.

They had guessed it all wrong. His Highness, the Crown Prince was not such a simple character. He would never present a lousy hand fan as a birthday gift to the Emperor.

This folding hand fan had quite a story!

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