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Chapter 490: 490

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Chapter 490: The Empress Should Be Forgiving And Generous

Her sister was already in bad shape. If Lu Liangwei was not the culprit, who else could it be?

Thinking of this, she suppressed the doubts in her heart and jogged over to Lu Liangwei, then reached out and took her arm affectionately. “Lu Liangwei, the day after tomorrow is your wedding day. Congratulations.”

Lu Liangwei withdrew her arm quietly. “Thank you.”

Ji Lingxiu glanced at her expression, then lowered her head in dismay. “Lu Liangwei, are you still upset about how I kept targeting you in the past?”

Lu Liangwei did not reply.

Ji Lingxiu sighed. “I know I was a bit too harsh, but you should know that it was really hard to like you, considering your personality back then.”

Lu Liangwei looked at her coolly. “Then let me ask you, Miss Ji, was I ever in your way? Even if my personality was unlikable, who gave you the right to target me all the time?”

Ji Lingxiu smiled sheepishly. “I hope you don’t mind. I’m an outspoken person, and I can’t hold back from expressing my opinions.”

There was a cold glint in Lu Liangwei’s eyes. “Since you don’t like me, Miss Ji, why are you forcing yourself to approach me? Or are you here now because you have some other purpose?”

Ji Lingxiu panicked when she met her piercing gaze, but she put on an innocent smile and waved her hands. “What an imagination you have. Why should I approach you on purpose?”

Lu Liangwei’s tone was indifferent. “I sure hope you weren’t. Make yourself at home, Miss Ji. I have something to do, so I can’t talk to you any longer.”

Ji Lingxiu frowned almost imperceptibly and caught her arm hurriedly. “I know you’re busy now, but it’s rare for us to meet each other. Won’t you let me treat you to a meal first?”

Lu Liangwei shrugged off her hand ungraciously. “No thanks, Miss Ji. We’re not close enough to eat together.”

Hearing this, Ji Lingxiu said dejectedly, “I know that you’re going to become Empress soon, so it’s natural that you would look down on me. I was indeed wrong in the past, but I came here today just to apologize to you. Are you not even willing to accept that?” She then glanced at her and said implicatively, “You’re going to be the Empress in the future. As the Empress, you should be forgiving and generous.”

Lu Liangwei was not irritated by her, let alone stupid enough to believe her words.

This daughter of the Ji Family was always snobbish and turned her nose up every time she saw her. She was not going to believe that she really regretted her previous actions and wanted to apologize to her.

She said bluntly, “I don’t care if you apologize or not because you’re nothing more than a stranger in my eyes. You’d better not get too big for your britches and think that you’re qualified to lecture me!”

Her forthright speech immediately angered Ji Lingxiu. She glared at Lu Liangwei and said furiously, “Lu Liangwei, even if you don’t want to accept my apology, must you talk like this?”

Lu Liangwei snorted. “Why, weren’t you telling me about being forgiving and generous, Miss Ji? I only said a few words, and you’re already angry? Besides, you keep saying that you want to apologize to me, but I haven’t heard a single word of apology from you. If you don’t know sincerity, Miss Ji, you’d better go back and learn it first before coming to me with your apology.”

Ji Lingxiu was speechless and enraged, but she could not think of anything to counter her.

Moreover, she had deliberately followed her here today, and she had more plans too. She could not afford to fall out with her now.

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