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Chapter 500: 500

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Chapter 500: His Majesty Would Never Betray Me

As he thought of this, he felt it was quite a pity.

Lu Liangwei was rather embarrassed.

Madam Lin had been much too blunt with her words.

Madam Lin had taken a shot at her father and had even implicated His Majesty in her words.

Lu Liangwei did not dare to look at Long Yang’s expression.


It would have been nice if Madam Lin had appeared sooner. She would have gladly left with Madam Lin.

However, now…

Lu Liangwei could not help but turn back to glance at Long Yang.

When she saw his grim expression and that upset look on his face, she quickly smiled at him.

Long Yang was momentarily taken aback, but a happy curve appeared on his lips.

Just like that, Madam Lin’s disrespect in her words was brushed off because of Lu Liangwei’s smile.

“Madam Lin, I appreciate your good intentions, but His Majesty is a good man. He would probably never…betray me,” Lu Liangwei said softly.

The smile on Long Yang’s lips grew wider.

Of course, he would never betray her. The girl trusted him so much.

A shred of rage appeared on Madam Lin’s face. What did that dog of an Emperor do to Weiwei to make her so loyal toward him?

“So what if he won’t betray you? How long can he live? He’s just someone who’s about to die. Marrying you now is nothing more than hurting you. Do you want to end up a widow after marrying him?” Madam Lin was frustrated as she began to spout words without holding back.

Lu Liangwei was stunned, but quickly recovered when she understood why Madam Lin would take such a huge risk to take her away.

Was it because she knew that Long Yang was poisoned?

Long Yang’s expression turned dark, but the look on his face quickly became warm when Lu Liangwei walked toward him.

“Your Majesty, Madam Lin has medical skills. She might even be better than I am.”

Lu Liangwei lifted her face to look at him and tugged at his hand. “Let Madam Lin take your pulse and she will know the truth.”

“Alright.” Long Yang nodded without hesitating.

There was never a need for him to prove anything to anyone, nor did he ever care to prove anything, but this girl was requesting it so adorably, so he could not reject her.

Lu Liangwei held Long Yang’s hand and pulled him toward Madam Lin.

“Madam Lin, please diagnose His Majesty.”

Madam Lin looked coldly at Long Yang before placing her hand on his pulse.

A shocked look flashed in her eyes in an instant. “How is this possible?”

He had been poisoned with Frostbite and no one in the world was able to cure it besides her. However, not only was he cured of the poison, there was no issue with his health as well. His pulse was strong and it was clear that his internal strength was powerful.

It was no wonder he was able to handle himself so well when they were fighting. It was because the poison had been purged from his body.

Lu Liangwei suddenly leaned close to Madam Lin’s ear and said softly but excitedly, “I was the one who cured His Majesty. I’ve inherited your talents, Mother.”

From the moment Madam Lin stabbed her father, who in turn showed no indication of anger but instead looked happy, she had confirmed that this person was her mother.

At the thought of this, a happy smile blossomed on her face.

How wonderful. Her mother was still alive.

Madam Lin stood stunned.

It was not because she learned of Weiwei curing His Majesty of his poison, nor was it about Weiwei inheriting her talents, but because Weiwei had…had called her Mother.

Madam Lin’s tears immediately fell as she pulled Lu Liangwei into a tight embrace. She sobbed silently.

She owed this daughter of hers so very much. Guilt tormented her all these years, and she was never able to eat or sleep well. She was constantly worried Weiwei would be bullied, but there was never an opportunity for her to appear in front of Weiwei to protect her.

She had left Weiwei not long after giving birth. This was something that had stayed with Madam Lin all these years, tormenting her.

Madam Lin was afraid her daughter would hate her when they met.

This was why she did not dare to reveal her identity or tell Weiwei the truth about being her daughter.

Now, however, her daughter had called her Mother without hesitation.

This moved Madam Lin tremendously.

She had never expected her daughter to be this understanding.

It was because of this, that she now felt more ashamed and guilty than ever…

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