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Chapter 528: 528

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Chapter 528: The Wedding Night

Lu Liangwei was so tired she fell asleep the moment she lied down.

Looking at the girl who had passed out in his arms, Long Yang felt slightly guilty.

His fingers brushed off the wet hair stuck to the side of her face and looked at her lovingly for quite a while before instructing someone to prepare water.

The Emperor’s low and hoarse voice sounded so different from before that Zhao Qian and the others outside the door were startled. They hurriedly got people to carry the water in.

Only after everyone had exited did Long Yang pick up Lu Liangwei and walk into the bathroom.

After Zhao Qian had exited, he looked at the break of day on the horizon and was speechless.

Zhao Qian shook his head.

Bright Refine Palace.

Xiao Xia hurriedly walked into the sleeping quarters. Sure enough, she saw Mistress still sitting by the window.

She hesitated for a bit before stepping forward.

Ji Linghui heard her footsteps and eagerly turned her head to ask. “How was it, nothing is going on at Grand Phoenix Palace, right? Has the Emperor gone back to bed in Hidden Dragon Palace?”

Xiao Xia hung her head and suppressed the fear in her heart. She reported back in a low voice, “I squatted outside Grand Phoenix Palace all night, I didn’t see the Emperor come out of the room and…” She paused for a moment and bit her lip, she did not dare to go on.

Ji Linghui’s face fell. “If you have something to say, just say it straight!”

Xiao Xia had no choice but to continue, “Just a moment ago, I saw Butler Zhao lead a group of palace maids into the bedchamber to deliver water.” She had also heard Lu Liangwei’s voice that made her face turned red.

Ji Linghui clenched the handkerchief in her hands, delivered water?

She could not help but comforted herself, “It’s almost dawn and it’s time for His Majesty to go to the morning court so of course, Butler Zhao had to prepare water for His Majesty to wash up.”

Xiao Xia’s head hung even lower. Yesterday was the Emperor and Empress’ wedding, there was no need to go to court today.

Mistress has always been self-deceiving, so she did not dare to point it out.

“Alright, you can go rest,” Ji Linghui got up and said.

“Yes.” Xiao Xia respectfully answered and exited.

Li Jinghui looked outside at the sky that had already brightened up and curled her lips.

His Majesty has been sexually continent for so many years, he could not have broken the rules merely because of Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei is the Empress after all. Given that it was the night of the wedding as well, His Majesty would need to show due respect to Grand Duke Mansion, which explained why he had stayed overnight at Grand Phoenix Palace.

She yawned and walked toward the bed.

On this night, many people were bound to lose sleep. Not just Bright Refine Palace, even the lights at Noble Fragrance Palace and Pure Jade Palace were not put out the entire night.

When Lu Liangwei woke up, it was already approaching noon.

As soon as she moved, a figure moved outside the bed netting. Immediately after, the sheer netting was lifted and she met the man’s gentle smiling eyes.

Lu Liangwei was startled. She recalled what happened last night and her little face blushed red.

“Your Majesty, why are you here?” He did not have to go to court?

“Yesterday was our wedding, there is no need to go to court today. Besides, your body… of course I had to stay and take care of you.” Long Yang looked at her dotingly.

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