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Chapter 535: 535

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Chapter 535: What A Good Thing It Was To Be The Empress

Lu Yunshuang felt a sweet taste building up in her throat as she almost threw up blood.

What did Lu Liangwei mean by that? When did the Crown Prince refer to her as Royal Aunt? He did not call her that just now when serving her tea. Why did that change the moment Lu Liangwei spoke about it?

Lu Liangwei laughed when she noticed Lu Yunshuang’s expression, which looked like she was constipated. She waved her hand airily and said, “I’m just joking with you. You shouldn’t take it seriously. You can call me whatever you like.”

With that, she mumbled, “Sigh, can’t she take a joke?”

However, her mumbling was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Lu Yunshuang almost failed to maintain the smile on her face.

That slut, Lu Liangwei! How dare she make fun of her?

“It’s already afternoon. Do stay at Grand Phoenix Palace for lunch, everyone,” Lu Liangwei said warmly after she was done drinking the tea served by Lu Yunshuang.

The three concubines darted a glance at Long Yang, feeling delighted, and agreed hurriedly. “Thank you, Your Highness.”

Long Yang glanced at Lu Liangwei and frowned almost imperceptibly.

Why would Weiwei want to entertain these people who had nothing to do with them?

Long Chi also replied, “Thank you, Royal… Aunt!”

He changed his words at the last minute.

Lu Liangwei may have looked like she was pointing her words at Lu Yunshuang, but in fact, she was reprimanding him.

His Royal Uncle was still looking at him by the side. Even if he was not willing to refer her to ‘Royal Aunt’, he would still need to address her as a senior.

Lu Yunshuang watched the pleased expression of that lowlife Lu Liangwei. She dearly wished to tear Lu Liangwei into pieces, and naturally would never even consider staying back to have lunch, but Long Chi had already agreed to it. It would not be appropriate if she voiced her objection.

Lu Yunshuang took a deep breath silently and said, “Thank you… Royal Aunt!”

Lu Yunshuang immediately felt disgusted from the bottom of her heart the moment she uttered the words ‘Royal Aunt’.

It was one thing to be showing off her title of Empress, but Lu Liangwei just had to show off her seniority as well.

What right did Lu Liangwei have to do such a thing?

“That’s settled, then,” Lu Liangwei concluded happily.

She turned to Zhu Yu and instructed, “Give orders to the imperial kitchen to prepare a few more dishes.”

“Yes, I will do so immediately,” Zhu Yu replied respectfully. She darted a look at Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang and left with her chest puffed out and her head high.

Now that her Miss was Empress and those who had broken Miss’ heart were kneeling at her Miss’ feet, Zhu Yu felt like justice was finally served, which made her very cheerful.

Miss was the absolute best!

Lu Liangwei stood up and observed the weather outside. She looked happily at Long Yang. “Your Majesty, the weather is really fine today. Why not move our lunch to the garden?”

Long Yang had been feeling slightly upset about her making the decision by herself when she asked all these irrelevant people to stay back for lunch. They were all quite annoying in his eyes. However, when he saw how good of a mood she was in, the unhappiness in his heart faded a little, and he tousled her hair dotingly. “Alright, as long as you’re happy.”

Lu Liangwei looked at him with a hint of shyness. His Majesty really should hold back a little with his adoration.

Despite grumbling about his displays of affection in her heart, her eyes were like two crescent moons as she gave a beaming smile.

The three concubines and the others all watched on as Long Yang’s treated Lu Liangwei affectionately, feeling jealous and spiteful, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Ji Linghui lowered her gaze to hide the deep hatred within her eyes.

Lu Liangwei… the journey ahead had just begun!

Lu Liangwei’s gaze swept across the three of them nonchalantly.

She knew very well that they were all wishing for her death right now.

An upward curve appeared on her lips.

She suddenly realized what a good thing it was to be the Empress.

If she was a newly-married woman in a normal household, she would have to be the one kneeling in front of the family elders and serve tea to each and every one of them. Being the Empress was different because the Empress Dowager was not Long Yang’s biological mother, which was why she did not need to greet her. These other people here had to serve her tea instead.

When Long Yang saw the little smile on her lips, he knew that she was in a pretty good mood, and for some reason, he suddenly felt relieved.

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