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Chapter 536: 536

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Chapter 536: His Majesty Was A Pretty Bad Boy

If she had revealed even a slightest hint of unhappiness, he would not allow those women to appear in front of her ever again.

Since she did not seem to find their presence repulsive, he decided to let them stay so that Weiwei could have fun and fill her time whenever she felt bored.

When Zhao Qian learned that Lu Liangwei wanted to have lunch in the garden, he immediately gave the order to his subordinates to quickly set the table.

It was not long before the dishes were prepared by the imperial kitchen and then served by the servants one by one.

Lu Liangwei sat next to Long Yang while the Crown Prince, Long Chi, sat on Long Yang’s other side with Lu Yunshuang. The three concubines sat obediently according to their rankings next to Lu Liangwei, who was taking up the main seat.

Lu Liangwei turned to look at Long Yang when she saw the table filled with delicious dishes.

Long Yang sensed her pressing gaze and a smile appeared on his lips. What a greedy cat she was.

“Let’s start the meal.”

As a signal, Lu Liangwei immediately pouted her lips at Zhu Yu, who was standing behind her, when she heard Long Yang’s announcement.

Zhu Yu understood immediately and she picked a pair of chopsticks to bring Lu LIangwei a piece of fat and juicy steamed striped bass. Zhu Yu placed it on Lu Liangwei’s plate and quickly added a few more other dishes too.

She had been at Lu Liangwei’s side for quite a long time, and knew her taste very well by now. One look from Lu Liangwei and Zhu Yu would know which dish she craved.

Lu Liangwei began to chew slowly.

Lu Liangwei savored the fresh flavor of the striped bass so much that she even found the others having their meal with her to be less annoying than usual.

Long Yang would also put some food on Lu Liangwei’s plate once in a while.

Lu Liangwei was the only one who enjoyed the lunch tremendously. Everyone else might be eating the same food, but all they could taste was wax despite the meal including some of their favorite dishes. They simply could not eat with ease and everyone looked quite uptight.

After much difficulty, the meal finally came to an end, and they quickly gave their excuses to leave the lunch.

Once they were gone, Lu Liangwei looked at the leftover food and said with pity, “So many delicious dishes, and they hardly had anything. What a waste!”

The corner of Long Yang’s lips curved upward into a smile. “How would they dare eat when we’re both present?”

“It’s not like we’ll eat them up,” Lu Liangwei shook her head and sighed.

Long Yang pinched her cheek and asked in a low voice, “Are you full?”

Lu Liangwei nodded and smiled contentedly. “Yes.”

Long Yang gave her a deep look when he heard her answer. “You should rest, then.”

With that, he bent over and picked her up into his arms.

Lu Liangwei’s face burned slightly as she pulled on his sleeve. “I just finished eating. I don’t want to go to sleep yet.”

“You don’t need to sleep. You can just lie down for a while,” Long Yang said matter-of-factly as he carried her.

“I’m too full for that. I’d like to take a walk and digest the food.” Lu Liangwei did not want to go into the bedroom with him.

Judging from what had happened last night, she discovered that His Majesty was a pretty bad boy who always bullied her.

“Can you really walk right now?” Long Yang asked pointedly.

Lu Liangwei knew what he meant by that. She pursed her lips and said firmly, “Of course, I can. If you don’t believe me, put me down.”

Long Yang frowned and looked at her doubtfully. She was not even able to stand properly when she woke up from bed earlier, yet now she was able to walk on her own?

He may not know a woman’s body very well, but he was sure he had worked her pretty hard last night. That was because, at that time, he was so excited that he could not bear to release her from his clutches until she…

He looked a little regretful at the thought of what he did last night. He could not help lowering his head to kiss her on the forehead, asking, “Are you mad at me?”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback. She had indeed felt a little upset, but her lips moved and all she said was, “I was a little mad, but not anymore.”

“Why is that?”

Lu Liangwei said bluntly, “Because it’s your first time and you have no experience.”

Long Yang’s tiny shred of remorse immediately disappeared and he shot her a dark, unfathomable look. “Is that so? If my Empress doesn’t mind, why not let me practice with you a few more times?”

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