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Chapter 547: 547

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Chapter 547: Yet Now You Aren’t Afraid Of Me Disliking It

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She decided to keep these thoughts to herself. She raised her eyebrow at Lin Qingyuan. “So, the reason you’re here today is to be envious of me?”

Lin Qingyuan’s lips twitched. “Of course not. I am envious of you, but I understand that everyone’s life experience is different. You can’t force something that is not meant to be. At the very least, my parents have always doted on me since young and they’ve never deprived me of food and clothes. I’m just venting my frustration.”

With that, she slapped her cheeks. “Let’s not talk about this anymore. The main reason I’m here today is to give something to you.”

Lu Liangwei felt deeply relieved when she saw that Lin Qingyuan had stopped splitting her hair on the issue.

When Lu Liangwei heard that Lin Qingyuan had something for her, she asked with interest, “What is it?”

Lin Qingyuan dragged a cloth bundle from a corner and heaved it onto the table.

She unraveled the cloth bundle while saying, “I wanted to give this to you before the day you got married, but there were too many people around, so I didn’t bring it with me. Also…” She paused.

“I was afraid you wouldn’t like it. You are the Empress, after all, and I think my present is not good enough of a gift for you.”

Lu Liangwei found this amusing and replied, “Yet now you aren’t afraid of me disliking it anymore?”

Lin Qingyuan glanced at her. “I just can’t bear to throw it away. I’ve spent close to a month finishing it, after all.”

Lu Liangwei was touched when she heard that. Just then, the cloth bundle opened up to reveal a huge piece of bright red brocade.

Lu Liangwei pulled it out and found that it was a quilt cover.

Lu Liangwei was stunned. She touched the material with her fingers.

This quilt cover was made out of bright red brocade. The front of the quilt was embroidered with a dragon and phoenix using golden silk thread. They looked exquisitely beautiful.

From the quality of the embroidery work, she could tell that whoever worked on it had put in a lot of effort, and it was done by someone who had great craftsmanship.

Lu Liangwei smiled warmly when she saw the quilt cover. She looked at Lin Qingyuan and teased, “I would never have been able to tell that you had such high-level craftsmanship. Judging from this embroidery work, your craftsmanship is not inferior to the best embroideresses in the imperial capital.”

Lin Qingyuan raised her head slightly and said proudly, “That’s true. I suppose you don’t have a good eye for craftsmanship, which is why you never noticed this about me before.”

Lu Liangwei grabbed Lin Qingyuan’s hand and said sincerely, “Thank you. I like this present very much.”

Lin Qingyuan felt slightly embarrassed when she heard this, and replied coyly, “I was worried that you wouldn’t like it.”

“Why wouldn’t I like it? This was made by you, an embroideress more skilled than the best experts in the imperial capital, specially for me. I’m going to use it immediately when I return,” Lu Liangwei said cheekily.

Lin Qingyuan blushed, but secretly felt relieved.

“You’ve given me so much help and I wanted to express my gratitude. But you lack nothing, which made me decide on making this quilt cover. It’s a token of my sincerity and I’m glad you like it,” Lin Qingyuan said earnestly.

Lu Liangwei unfolded the quilt and took a good look at it before folding it up again. “Go on, tell me what else you want to ask of me.”

Lin Qingyuan’s eyes widened. “What do you mean? What else would I need to ask of you…”

“Good that there’s nothing else, then,” Lu Liangwei interrupted her abruptly.

“Fine, fine. I do have one minor request I’d like to ask of you,” Lin Qingyuan raised her index finger and said anxiously.

“Alright, just let me know what you want. I still need to have dinner with my mother and the others,” Lu Liangwei replied haughtily.

Lin Qingyuan was quite embarrassed about this, but she still could not help voicing her request.. “I’d just like to know if His Majesty has revealed any intention of pardoning the Duke Chen Family in his edict of general amnesty in conjunction with your wedding.”

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