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Chapter 549: 549

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Chapter 549: Would She Have A Drunken Fit

Lu Liangwei smiled when she heard Ling Lihua’s words, but did not say anything.

She knew her father quite well. Her father may drink sometimes, but he did not enjoy drinking as much as Lu Tingchen did. Her brother was a true fan of alcohol.

That was why her brother definitely did not take after her father in this regard.

Wu Hongming was a little embarrassed after being glared at by Ling Lihua. So as not to leave Ling Lihua’s children with a bad impression of their mother, he quickly added, “That’s right, your mother doesn’t enjoy drinking. She only had an occasional sip or two. Come on, have a cup, Weiwei. This osmanthus wine tastes pretty good.”

He poured an entire bowl for Lu Liangwei as he said this.

Lu Liangwei looked at the large bowl of wine in front of her, “…”

It was supposed to be just a cup, when did it become a bowl?

She could not help remembering the day before her wedding, when she had embarrassingly gotten drunk with Lu Tingchen, as she eyed the wine in front of her.

She pushed the bowl of wine in front of Long Yang. “Your Majesty, you can hold your liquor pretty well. I’ll let you have my bowl of wine.”

A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips as he moved closer to her. “Are you trying to get me drunk?”

Lu Liangwei’s ears burned and her heart gave a sudden tremble. She quickly shook her head to deny this. “I’m not. It’s just that this is quality wine brought over by Uncle Wu. It shouldn’t be wasted. You can hold your liquor well and one bowl wouldn’t affect you.”

She still remembered the words Lu Tingchen said to her on the night before her wedding.

He had told her that His Majesty could hold his liquor very well; one bowl of wine such as this was nothing to him.

“I’ll drink it gladly since my Empress is so enthusiastic about it.” Long Yang gave a small smile as he took the bowl and placed it in front of him. Next, he brought over the vat of wine from Wu Hongming and poured a small cup for Lu Liangwei.

“Just have a little taste since you don’t feel like drinking.”

To be honest, he had no idea how much this girl could drink.

He knew that Lu Tingchen was a pretty capable drinker, and Madam Ling seemed to know her way around alcohol too. He thought that Weiwei should be almost the same.

Lu Liangwei stared at the cup in front of her and blinked uneasily.

Would she have a drunken fit after gulping down this cup?

Wu Hongming poured wine for everybody present except for Youyou.

“This is the day Miss Weiwei is visiting her natal home. Cheers to you, Weiwei. I hope you live happily and blissfully forever!” With that, he picked up his bowl of wine and downed it in one gulp.

Lu Tingchen, the old beggar, and everyone else clapped and cheered.

“Uncle Wu, you truly can drink!” Lu Liangwei praised him as she lowered her head to look at the cup of wine in front of her. She still had some trepidation about it, but it would not be nice of her to reject the drink.

Uncle Wu had already voiced his blessing for her.

Zhu Yu stood behind Lu Liangwei and secretly took the cup of wine away while no one was looking. She placed another cup in Lu Liangwei’s hand and whispered in her ear, “It’s tea.”

Lu Liangwei smiled warmly as she picked up the cup and said to Wu Hongming, “Thank you, Uncle Wu. Allow me to wish for your great health and fortune in return.”

With that, she finished the tea in her cup in one go.

Among everyone present, Lu Tingchen was the one who knew best about Lu Liangwei’s tolerance of liquor. His mouth could not help twitching when he saw the way she gulped down her drink.

Was this girl not afraid of embarrassing herself later by drinking so brazenly?

Even though it was a meeting of only familiar faces, he did not want to publicly embarrass his little sister. So, Lu Tingchen stopped himself from saying anything.

Even though no one else had noticed it, Long Yang had seen Zhu Yu change the cup for Lu Liangwei.

He was slightly astonished. So, this girl was not a drinker?

What did she drink just now?

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