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Chapter 561: 561

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Chapter 561: Remove It With Force
Empress Dowager Xiaojing suppressed her displeasure and asked Matron Chen, “Has dinner been prepared?”

“Dinner is ready, Your Imperial Highness.”

“Serve the meal then.” Empress Dowager Xiaojing commanded.

“Yes.” Matron Chen answered and went down.

Shortly after, the palace maids slowly walked in with the meal in their hands.

After finishing the meal, Empress Dowager Xiaojing took a brocade box out of Matron Chen’s hands and said to Lu Liangwei in a kind manner, “Come here, Your Highness.”

Lu Liangwei paused, she could vaguely guess her intention from her posture. She got up and walked over.

“Your Imperial Highness.”

Empress Dowager Xiaojing took her hand and thoroughly looked her up and down. “Your Highness is really beautiful and even prettier up-close.” She said admiringly while opening the brocade box. She took out a jade bracelet and intended to put it around her wrist.

However, as soon as she pulled up her sleeve, she noticed the Phoenix Blood Jade she was wearing on her wrist.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing was stunned upon seeing the bangle and said with a forced smile, “I see, Your Highness already has such a great bangle, my bangle is too ordinary compared to yours.” She then asked, “This is a gift from the Emperor, right?”

Lu Liangwei looked at the Phoenix Blood Jade on her wrist and did not deny it. “It is indeed a gift from His Majesty.”

Upon hearing those words, jealousy arose in Empress Dowager Xiaojing.

She had been eyeing the Phoenix Blood Jade from when the late Emperor was still around, but even after trying many ways, she still could not get her hands on it. Now, the bangle she loved but could not get is in the hands of this young girl.

Her heart suddenly ached a little.

She tightened up her fingers holding the bangle, she wished she could forcefully remove the Phoenix Blood Jade on Lu Liangwei’s wrist.

After a while, she smiled at Lu Liangwei. “The Emperor is really generous, Your Highness should be careful not to damage the Phoenix Blood Jade.” Once the Emperor passes away, she would be in control of the widowed Lu Liangwei and when the moment comes, she will seize the Phoenix Blood Jade.

Lu Liangwei sensed that Her Imperial Highness was persistently gazing at her wrist. She calmly pulled down her sleeve and said softly, “Yes, I will certainly take good care of it. Even if this jade bangle is not valuable. I would still do so as long as it is gifted by the Emperor”

Empress Dowager Xiaojing’s complexion went a little pale after hearing those words, “Your Highness is right. The Emperor, the Son of Heaven, as ordinary as it may seem, everything he bestows is of great significance. It’s good that Your Highness has this way of thinking.”

“The same goes to the gifts bestowed by Your Imperial Highness. Whether it’s expensive or ordinary, it’s all of great significance.” When Lu Liangwei finished speaking, she stared straight at the bangle in her hands.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing’s wrinkled face twitched. In the end, she put the bangle back into the brocade box and handed it to Lu Liangwei.

“I was narrow-minded to think that Your Highness, having received such a valuable and rare bangle as the Phoenix Blood Jade, would look down on my gift. Since Your Highness doesn’t mind, then keep it as a token of my appreciation.”

Lu Liangwei joyfully accepted it and held it in her arms, “Thank you Your Imperial Highness for the reward, I will definitely take good care of it.”

Empress Dowager Xiaojing could not shake the feeling in her chest.

Actually, she did not prepare a gift for her when she let Lu Liangwei come over for a meal. However, she did not expect that the Emperor would accompany her over.


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