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Chapter 564: 564

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Chapter 564: Be Good And Lie Still

Lu Liangwei felt herself go weak as she crumpled. Her head was spinning and she felt like a puppet being controlled by someone else. All she could do was lean against him.

She wondered how much time had passed, and just as she felt like she was about to dissolve into a puddle of water, Long Yang suddenly carried her out of the pool and walked quickly toward the bed.

Lu Liangwei lay on the bed and wanted to pull the blanket over herself, but she suddenly felt her body sink deeper into the bed. The man was already on top of her.

Her slender fingers were intertwined with the men’s long ones as her body was pressed down on the bed. She felt nervous. Her eyelashes fluttered rapidly as she watched him helplessly.

A thin layer of sweat had appeared on Long Yang’s forehead, and just as he was about to push into her in a burst of energy, there was a sudden change of expression on his face. He quickly pulled the blanket to cover her, put on his outer robe, and turned to get off the bed. He did not even put on his shoes before rushing out of the room.

“Someone, get the imperial physician…”

Zhao Qian was dozing off while leaning against a pillar in the hallway when he heard the sudden roar from the Emperor. He woke up with a start as his mind immediately cleared.

He turned to see his master looking disheveled. His master did not even have his shoes on. Zhao Qian was shocked. Even though he had no idea what had just happened, he did not dare cause any delay and he immediately rushed toward the imperial hospital using Light Body Skill.

Lu Liangwei was lying on the bed with a slightly puzzled look; she had no idea what to do.

What was wrong with His Majesty?

Also, why would he suddenly call for an imperial physician?

She was still feeling slightly dizzy and was not able to react immediately. Right then, Long Yang returned. He wrapped her up in the blanket and took her into his arms. His chin was touching her forehead as he gently cajoled her, “Everything’s going to be fine. There’s no need to be afraid. The imperial physician will be here soon.”

He might have acted calmly, but his voice had betrayed his fear and worry.

Lu Liangwei felt even more puzzled as she turned to look into his worried eyes. She felt a sudden tightness in her chest. “What’s wrong with you? Do you feel unwell?”

Thinking of how he had been poisoned previously, she quickly poked her hand out of the blanket to feel his pulse. “Let me give you a check.”

Long Yang’s gaze fell onto her bare arm as he suddenly thought of something. He quickly grabbed an inner garment from the side and made to put it on her.

Lu Liangwei had been wrapped in a blanket by him, and seeing that he was now about to dress her, she hastily said, “I’ll wear it on my own.”

Long Yang frowned. He did not do as she had requested. Instead, he gently but firmly put on the clothes for her and made her lie down again.

Lu Liangwei was about to move when he pressed her down again. “Be good and lie still.”

Lu Liangwei was getting even more suspicious. “Your Majesty, what exactly is going on?”

Right then, Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu entered the room. When they saw the Empress lying on the bed, their expressions changed. Zhu Yu approached quickly as she knelt at the bedside. “Miss…”

She sounded like she was about to cry.

Even Chu Jiu was looking at her with a look of worry.

Lu Liangwei frowned. She was about to say something when Long Yang handed her a mirror.

Lu Liangwei took it from him and immediately saw that there were many measles-like dots scattered all over the area of her neck from below the chin. Shocked, she quickly tore open the collar of her clothes. Even the area beneath her collarbone showed similar symptoms. She fell silent.

However, her silence only caused the few people within the hall to feel even more anxious.

Long Yang immediately took the mirror from her hands and flung it to the side.

“Everything will be fine. Zhao Qian has gone off to get Chief Physician Lin. You’ll be fine in no time.” He tried his best to console her. He was worried that she would feel scared, and a murderous look emerged in his eyes.

If anything were to happen to Weiwei, Empress Dowager Xiaojing would pay with her life.

Lu Liangwei gathered her thoughts as she quietly pulled the blanket over herself. She was hesitant about speaking out when she saw the concern on his face.

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