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Chapter 566: 566

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Chapter 566: Long Yang’s Embarrassment

Lu Liangwei reached out a hand obediently.

Chief Physician Lin immediately stepped forward to take her pulse.

He withdrew his hand shortly and took a few steps back to give Imperial Physician Wu space to continue diagnosing her.

Chief Physician Lin was actually a little puzzled. Her Highness’ medical skills were not inferior to his, yet His Majesty had requested for their presence. From his diagnoses, there was no serious issue with Her Highness’ health. The rashes were most probably just caused by her ingesting the wrong food.

Just as he was thinking about this, he heard the Emperor’s grim voice asking, “Chief Physician Lin, how is the Empress?”

Chief Physician Lin immediately replied respectfully, “From my diagnosis, there is no issue with Her Highness’ health. These rashes were caused by an allergic reaction from something she ate.”

Long Yang frowned. He thought of something and said pointedly, “The Empress had her dinner at Tranquility Palace tonight.”

There was a look of shock on Chief Physician Lin’s face when he heard this, but the expression quickly disappeared as he readjusted himself. Once Imperial Physician Wu completed his diagnosis, Chief Physician Lin approached Lu Liangwei once more to take her pulse, even examining the red rashes around her chin.

However, the results remained the same no matter how many times he looked. There were no signs of her being poisoned, and all that was left for him to do was turn to Imperial Physician Wu.

Imperial Physician Wu specialized in gynecology, which was why Zhao Qian had invited him over as well.

Imperial Physician Wu stepped forward and checked Lu Liangwei thoroughly again, but did not reveal his diagnosis immediately. Instead, he looked at Lu Liangwei and asked respectfully, “May I inquire when was Your Highness’ last period?”

Lu Liangwei was fine with being asked such a sudden question, but Long Yang blushed slightly and was a little embarrassed. He darted a look at Imperial Physician Wu. How was there any connection between Weiwei’s symptoms and her period?

Even though Lu Liangwei had a feeling that Imperial Physician Wu’s question did not have anything to do with her symptoms, she answered nonchalantly anyway. “It was the beginning of the month.”

Imperial Physician Wu gave this some thought when he heard this, then said, “Since Your Highness had your period at the beginning of the month, this rules out your symptoms having anything to do with your period. Some women tend to have rashes during their time of the month. Based on this, the cause of Your Highness’ symptoms is most likely related to the food you had consumed.”

Chief Physician Lin nodded. “Your conclusion is the same as mine.”

With that, he turned toward Long Yang. “Your Majesty, Her Highness’ symptoms do not seem to show any indication of her being poisoned. It is more likely due to the food she ate. For me…”

He paused and looked at Lu Liangwei. “Your Highness, would you happen to have a good cure for this?”

He had wanted to prescribe some medicine for Lu Liangwei, but suddenly remembered that she was an exceptional physician as well, which was why he changed his words mid-sentence.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Please go ahead and prescribe the medication for me, Chief Physician Lin.”

The rashes on her body were minor symptoms. With Chief Physician Lin’s medical skills, the prescription he can provide should be good enough, and she was too lazy to give herself any prescriptions anyway.

Chief Physician replied, “Then I’ll go ahead and prepare your prescription. Once Your Highness takes the medicine, your symptoms will improve tomorrow.”

“Thank you for the trouble, Chief Physician Lin,” Lu Liangwei said, nodding.

Chief Physician Lin waved off her thanks. “You’re being too kind, Your Highness.”

Once he was done writing down the prescription, Chief Physician Lin passed it over to Lu Liangwei. “I’m not sure if the prescription I’ve given will be effective. Do review my work, Your Highness.”

Lu Liangwei did not bother to take the prescription from him when she heard this. She shook her head and said, “I trust the medical skills of Chief Physician Lin. There is no need for this extra work. I’ll send someone to go with you and pick up the medicine from the imperial hospital.”

Chief Physician Lin was relieved when he heard this. He was worried that Her Highness would not approve of his prescription.

It seemed like he had been worried for nothing.

Lu Liangwei noticed that the hall was once again empty after she sent Zhu Yu off to pick up the medicine. She finally turned to Long Yang and said, “Your Majesty, I’ve told you, didn’t I? I’m fine. You can stop worrying now. All that happened was that I ate something that gave me an allergic reaction.”

That huge rock hanging over Long Yang’s heart was finally released as he ceased worrying. He reached out to hug the girl tightly in his arms.

Thank goodness that she was not poisoned!

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