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Chapter 635: 635

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Chapter 635: Harbor Inappropriate Thoughts

“Well, that’s true, but it’s just pleasing to look at,” Lu Liangwei said with a grin.

Ling Lihua shook her head in amused disapproval of her hobby.

“Let’s go, I’ll walk you to the palace gates.”

“All right.”

After walking Lu Liangwei to the palace gates, Ling Lihua went to the medicinal shop.

Only a few patients were getting their prescriptions filled in the shop. The old beggar and Youyou were capable of handling them, so she went straight to the backyard.

Wu Hongming had left to deal with the House’s affairs, and the backyard appeared somewhat lifeless without his presence.

Ling Lihua strolled into her room, planning to pack a few belongings to bring to the Grand Duke Mansion.

Just then, an almost unnoticeable frown creased her forehead.

At the same time, a sharp sword appeared slantwise, aiming straight for her heart.

She whirled sideways to dodge it, and without sparing a second, sent a dagger shooting out of her sleeve in the direction of the sword.


The weapons clashed with a grating clang.

As the black-clothed man dodged the dagger, Ling Lihua took advantage of the moment to dart out of the house. Seeing this, the black-clothed man followed her out, each of his attacks deadlier than the last, hell-bent on taking her life.

“Who are you?” With a grim face, Ling Lihua whipped out her sword to ward him off.

“The one who is going to take your life!” The person’s voice was harsh.

The old beggar rushed in when he heard the commotion in the backyard.

At the sight of the scene in the backyard, he quickly joined the battle.

Seeing that reinforcements had arrived, the man in black had no desire to continue fighting, and after faking a move, he swiftly escaped.

The old beggar wanted to give chase, but Ling Lihua stopped him. “No need to go after him, Senior. You won’t catch up.”

The old beggar turned back reluctantly.

“Do you know who that was, Madam?”

Ling Lihua shook her head. “No, but it should be the same person who assassinated Madam Zheng last time.”

The old beggar also knew about Madam Zheng’s assassination and was a little worried to hear this. “This person hides in the shadows, and it’s almost impossible to guard against him. You need to be more careful from now on, Madam.”

Ling Lihua nodded. “I know. By the way, I’ll be staying at the Grand Duke Mansion these few days to keep the Dowager Duchess company, so I’ll have to trouble you with managing the medicinal shop. Of course, I’ll still come back to offer medical consultation.”

The old beggar said understandingly, “I see. The Dowager Duchess is already old and naturally needs someone to take care of her. Don’t worry about the medicinal shop, Madam, Youyou and I will be here.”

Ling Lihua nodded.

In terms of filling prescriptions, it was needless to say that the old beggar would handle it, and as for general consultations, Youyou could manage as well.

He was an intelligent and gifted child. During her time at the medicinal shop, he had acquired some medical skills through observing her. Of course, with Youyou’s skill level, he could only handle some common illnesses for the time being.

“If there’s any difficulty, you can look for me at the Grand Duke Mansion any time,” Ling Lihua reminded.

“I will.”

The palace.

As Lu Tingchen had joined the army on its expedition to Danjue, Chu Yi temporarily took over as commander of the imperial guards.

While he was patrolling the palace with other guards, he caught sight of the girl who had hidden and cried last time. She was standing under a flowering tree, staring vacantly into the northwest.

Boredom seemed to get the better of him in that instant as he waved a hand, signaling the imperial guards behind him to continue on their patrol. With a hand on his broadsword, he sneaked up behind her, planning to give her a scare.

Zhu Yu was gazing at the sky in a daze. The Heir Presumptive should have already set off for battle at this moment.

Thinking, she sighed quietly.

When Miss left the palace to see the Heir Presumptive off, she could have gone with her, but she made an excuse and stayed behind.

She had wanted to see the Heir Presumptive off too, but she was afraid that she would start harboring inappropriate thoughts if she saw him.

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