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Chapter 646: 646

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Chapter 646: Discovered His Secret

Her fists clenched and she instinctively wanted to fight back, but when her eyes met the man’s dark and vicious eyes, she immediately stopped herself.

She smiled and eased herself against Long Chi’s arms.

“Your Highness, it’s not that convenient for me now that I’m pregnant,” she said sadly.

Long Chi’s eyes narrowed. “I’m aware, which is why we are doing it the same way we did before.”

Chen Qiyu’s heart sank.

She was not trying to pretend to be pure and aloof, but after experiencing those dark days, she had now developed some disgust when it came to bedroom affairs.

If it was before, she would have happily offered her body to entice the Crown Prince in order to achieve her goals, but now…

She was not able to contribute any energy and thoughts to such matters.

However, at the thought of her mother, she swallowed any bitterness she was experiencing and nodded gently. “Alright. I’d like to see my mother off after this. Could Your Highness grant me permission?”

As she asked him the question, her tender, yet agile hands wrapped around him.

Long Chi shut his eyes and nodded. “Yes.”

It did not take long for Chen Qiyu’s forehead to be filled with beads of sweat. Her heart was filled with shock.

The man leaning against the chair now had an even darker look on his face.

His body was still not reacting to anything after waiting for quite a while.

He pushed her off roughly as he cursed in a low voice, “Useless thing!”

Chen Qiyu’s face was now completely drained of blood, but she reacted immediately by grabbing his hand. “Your Highness, please don’t be angry. This is all my fault, but my mother will be leaving the imperial capital tomorrow and I’d like to see her off. Please grant me the permission, Your Highness.”

Long Chi was feeling shocked as well.

He had originally thought that he had lost interest in Lu Yunshuang, but he had not expected the result to be the same after changing his target to Chen Qiyu.

When Chen Qiyu was enticing him, there was clearly excitement brewing within him, but his body refused to comply with it.

In such circumstances, despite not having medical knowledge, he knew he must have been poisoned or suffering from some ailment.

Just like his Royal Uncle.

Could it be that he had been poisoned by something similar to Frostbite?

He felt more shock at the thought of this.

He pushed away Chen Qiyu’s hands and stared at her coldly. “If you reveal the matter just now to a third party, I will immediately have your life taken.”

Chen Qiyu immediately responded, “Don’t worry, Your Highness. I belong to you. Naturally, I will never do anything to betray you, Your Highness.”

Long Chi’s expression relaxed a little as he said, “Bring a few more people with you when you leave the Palace tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Your Highness!” Chen Qiyu was utterly delighted and she quickly thanked him.

Long Chi stood up and tidied his robes before he strode off. He did not even give Chen Qiyu a second look.

Chen Qiyu fell onto the chair, still reeling from the extreme shock.

The Crown Prince was actually unable to perform…

This realization almost caused her to faint.

She did not really like this man much, but she was well aware that the more she knew, the more danger she was in.

Yet, she had accidentally discovered his secret. This placed her at an extreme disadvantage.

When Mei’er walked in, she was shocked to see Chen Qiyu looking pale and sitting limp. She quickly went forward to help Chen Qiyu sit up properly. She asked in a small voice, “What’s wrong, Miss?”

Chen Qiyu held Mei’er’s hand and shook her hand. “I’m fine. I just need to rest awhile.”

This involved life and death. It did not matter how shocked she felt, she would never dare reveal a word to Mei’er. Even though Mei’er was fully loyal to her, if she found out about this, it might cost Mei’er her life.

Mei’er was a little worried but did not overthink things. All she said was, “Let me help you back to the room for some sleep.”

“Alright.” Chen Qiyu nodded.

Grand Phoenix Palace.

Lu Liangwei was still thinking about Lu Yunshuang barging into her bedchamber earlier in the day. She was contemplating if she should tell Long Yang about how Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang were aware that he used to have Frostbite.

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