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Chapter 656: It Would Be Nothing But An Accident

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Chapter 656: It Would Be Nothing But An Accident

Lin Qingyuan went into a slight daze as she watched Chen Qiyu.

She realized that Chen Qiyu looks really pretty now that she was no longer using any makeup.

“By the way, I heard that Chen Xuping’s execution has been fixed for tomorrow. Will you be seeing him off?” Chen Qiyu asked.

Lin Qingyuan clenched her teeth when she heard this. “I’ll definitely be there, but I won’t be seeing him off. I want to watch him beheaded with my own eyes. That jerk has harmed so many people. I’d love to watch him die.”

Chen Qiyu sighed and suddenly said emotionally, “In truth, my older brother is nothing more than another poor victimized soul.”

Lin Qingyuan was momentarily stunned. Chen Qiyu continued, “He’s been blinded by Lu Yunshuang all this while.”

Lin Qingyuan laughed bitterly. “You’re right about that. To be honest, if not for Lu Liangwei, I would still be foolishly led by Lu Yunshuang and still be her tool without knowing any better.”

Both of them continued walking together for quite a while before saying their goodbyes.

Lin Qingyuan informed Chen Qiyu before leaving, “Both of us are different people than we were before, which is why I’ve shared those words with you. Lu Liangwei—I mean—the Empress is someone who might be able to help you if you are facing any trouble. You may seek her help. She doesn’t put on airs. She may act like a cold-blooded person, but in fact, she has a kind heart.”

Lu Liangwei, who was currently far away in the Palace, suddenly sneezed. She was completely unaware that this busybody Lin Qingyuan had just volunteered for her to do more work.

Chen Qiyu nodded and replied in a low voice, “I was just planning to reach out to the Empress.”

Lin Qingyuan waved an airy hand. “That’s good then. I’ll be going off first. Be careful on the road.”

“Alright.” Chen Qiyu nodded. She watched Lin Qingyuan disappear from sight before turning to enter the carriage.


Empress Dowager Xiaojing rotated the Buddhist prayer beads in her hand. She looked like she had been meditating for half a day. She gave her grandson a strange look and asked with concern, “Chi’er, is there something wrong?”

Long Chi gave a start and replied, “Grandmother, I think that preventing Lu Liangwei from getting pregnant with Royal Uncle’s child is not a surefire plan. Royal Uncle has other concubines besides Lu Liangwei and there will always be a flaw in the plan no matter how well we prepare. We won’t be able to guarantee that we can cover every single thing. In my humble opinion, we need to set our sights directly on Royal Uncle.”

Empress Dowager Xiaojing nodded. A flash of viciousness appeared in her cloudy eyes. “You are absolutely right. I’ve thought about this as well. It’s the Autumn Hunt in two days and the Emperor will take his ministers to the West Mountains to hunt when the time comes. That will be an excellent opportunity.”

Long Chi’s eyes narrowed. “There’s a crater on the way to the West Mountains near a cliff of a hundred feet. If we are able to set an ambush there, we could wait for Royal Uncle to pass by and shoot arrows at him. That should scare his horse into a craze and run toward the cliff…”

“A good idea. If we were targeting the throne, we can’t allow anyone to catch hold of any evidence. The Emperor sent plummeting down the cliff by a crazed horse would be nothing more than an accident. There would be nothing holding you back from taking the throne.” Xiaojing’s cloudy eyes brightened suddenly at the thought of this, as if the outcome was already set in stone.

Long Chi looked delighted as well, but was reminded of something that darkened his expression once more.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing did not notice this. She gave the plan further thought before continuing, “Although, I feel that this should be arranged for the Emperor’s return schedule. Only at the end of the hunt would their guards be at their lowest.”

Long Chi nodded. “Your considerations are well-considered, Grandmother.”

Empress Dowager Xiaojing stopped shuffling the beads in her hand. She could not wait to see that vile spawn, Long Yang, die at the bottom of the cliff.

Once that vermin was dead, her grandson would be able to finally capture the throne as the Emperor.

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