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Chapter 657: 657

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Chapter 657: That Would Mean He Would Be Without An Heir

The throne was meant for her son.

Long Yang had occupied it for many years; it was time he had returned it.

Long Chi stood up and prepared to leave, having received the answer he wanted.

“I’ll make all the preparations for the trip up to the Cool Mountains. I’ll take my leave first.”

Even though he was about to get his hands on the throne, Empress Dowager Xiaojing noticed that there was not much delight in his expression. She was slightly puzzled about this. “Is something bothering you? You can share your troubles with me. I’m your grandmother, the closest person to you in the world. You can share anything with me.”

Long Chi was still hesitant about it.

Even though she was his grandmother, she had been planning his life for him since the day he was born. This involved his dignity as a man, which was why he did not know how to voice it out.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing slowly rotated the Buddhist prayer beads in his hand and asked, “Is this because you had a fight with the Crown Princess? I’ve told you many times before not to allow such emotions to rule your head. Once you’ve ascended to the throne, you can have any woman you desire. There is no need to be upset over her.”

Long Chi’s heart thumped at those words.

He could have any woman he desired?

Lu Liangwei immediately appeared in his mind.

If he could have her, he did not care about having any of the other women at all.

However, his heart quickly went cold.

With his current predicament, there was nothing much he could do even if he desired a woman.

At the thought of this, he said with slight frustration, “It has nothing to do with the Crown Princess. It’s just that I… There’s something wrong with me.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Empress Dowager Xiaojing asked as she stared at him in surprise.

Long Chi found it difficult to explain. “For some reason, I’ve been unable to perform for the past couple of days.”

Empress Dowager Xiaojing was stunned by his words. “How did this happen?”

Long Yang replied with a frustrated expression, “I have no idea as well. I was doing fine until it suddenly happened…”

Xiaojing was completely caught off guard by this serious problem.

Her grandson was unable to perform. This simply would not do.

He did not even have a son yet, and who knew if the child growing in Chen Qiyu’s belly was a boy or a girl? What if she gave birth to a daughter? That would mean that her grandson would be without an heir.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing stopped rotating her prayer beads and turned silent.

After a while, she finally said consolingly, “Don’t act all anxious yet. I will help you find a solution. There is definitely a genius physician who would be able to cure you.”

At that, one person immediately came to her mind.

Ling Lihua.

Long Chi felt better after seeing how confident his grandmother was.

It looked like she had already thought up a solution.

The moment Long Chi left, Empress Dowager Xiaojing immediately ordered Liu Fu, “Find a way to capture Ling Lihua.”

Since Ling Lihua was known as a genius physician, she would definitely know how to cure this secret ailment her grandson was suffering from.

She had initially wanted Ling Lihua killed as a prevention of future complications, but now that Ling Lihua was useful once more, her life would be temporarily spared.

“Yes, Your Imperial Highness,” Liu Fu replied, then left.

The next day, the sun was shining brightly.

Long Qingzhi had brought Zhi’er into the Palace and Lu Liangwei was strolling in the imperial garden with both of them.

After spending a period of time on the kid’s treatment, Wanyan Zhi’s condition had improved tremendously. Even though he was still unwilling to speak, he was no longer trembling or suffering from sudden convulsions.

Long Qingzhi was very happy about this.

Wanyan Zhi’s little mouth was pursed and his black, bright eyes stared continuously at Lu Liangwei.

Long Qingzhi pointed at Lu Liangwei when she saw this. She smiled as she said to him, “Zhi’er, this is your aunt.”

A puzzled look appeared in Wanyan Zhi’s eyes.

Lu Liangwei crouched down next to the boy and rubbed his head as she asked with a smile, “Zhi’er, do you still remember me?”

Wanyan Zhi looked at her smile and could not help but hide behind Long Qingzhi before sticking his head out to call out in a cute little voice, “Big Sis?”

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