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Chapter 664: 664

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Chapter 664: You’re A Man, Your Majesty

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The palace guards quickly escorted Ji Linghui off without waiting for Zhao Qian to give instructions.

Back on the lawn, Long Yang took a paper kite handed over by Lu Liangwei. He looked it over, and to his puzzlement, found that it was an owl wearing two circles. “Why is it wearing two circles?”

Holding back her laughter, Lu Liangwei explained, “Those aren’t circles. They’re called glasses.”

“What are glasses?” Long Yang asked curiously.

“They are an assisting tool that helps to improve our eyesight.”

After thinking for a while, Long Yang vaguely understood what she meant and continued to question, “But does the owl have hands? How did it put them on?”

“It doesn’t, but its owner does,” Lu Liangwei explained a little wearily. “Your Majesty, can you not put your focus on such meaningless things? Don’t you want to fly the paper kite? Hurry up!”

As Long Qingzhi was walking over with Wanyan Zhi in her arms, she happened to hear Lu Liangwei say this, much to her astonishment.

How bold of her to talk to Brother like this.

Although Brother doted on her, her attitude was a little too audacious. Was she not afraid that Brother would punish her?

Just as she was thinking to herself, she heard her brother in question say affectionately yet helplessly, “Flying paper kites is something children and women do.”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei nodded. “That’s true. You’re a man, Your Majesty, and the Emperor at that. Of course, you can’t do such a childish thing that may ruin your majestic image. Now give me back the paper kite.”

Long Yang looked at the paper kite in his hands, a little reluctant to let it go. “But I’ve never flown a paper kite before. To make up for my childhood loss, I’ll fly it together with you.”

Lu Liangwei burst out laughing. “Well then, since you’ve sadly never flown a kite when you were a child, I guess I can teach you.”

Long Yang said in confusion, “Isn’t it called paper kite? How come it’s just kite now?”

Realizing that she had made a mistake, Lu Liangwei hurriedly said, “I read in a novel that paper kites can be called kites too.” (TN: Lu Liangwei’s mistake here is that she used the modern-day Chinese term for kite.)

“Have you read a lot of novels?”


Long Qingzhi did not approach but stood aside and watched them fly their kites.

Her brother, so abstinent and formidable in the rumors, was now standing behind the girl and letting out the kite line slowly, holding her hand as if there was nobody around them.

If she had not seen it with her own eyes, she would never believe that her brother and Lu Liangwei were this casual and intimate with each other in private.

She was deeply astounded.

Even during her most blissful moments with the Prince, they had never been this close.

It was evident that Brother cared for Lu Liangwei so much that nobody in the harem could even come close to her.

Since Lu Liangwei was already so favored, Ji Linghui was nothing to her at all. She did not need to go to the lengths of plotting that scene just now to take down Ji Linghui.

Not to mention using Zhi’er to set up Ji Linghui.

Her panic had clouded her judgment, and she had almost believed Ji Linghui’s inflammatory remarks.

Just then, Wanyan Zhi started wriggling in her arms and stretched his arms out toward Lu Liangwei. “I want Big Sis…”

Long Qingzhi almost lost her hold on him, and she crouched down and coaxed him in a low voice, “Don’t cause trouble, Zhi’er. Your uncle’s here.”

Wanyan Zhi shook his head. “I want to play with Big Sis…”

At the sound of the commotion, Long Yang and Lu Liangwei looked over.

Long Qingzhi was a little embarrassed. “Brother, Zhi’er said that he wants to play with Weiwei.”

She had barely finished when Wanyan Zhi broke free of her grasp and ran toward Lu Liangwei.. “Big Sis…”

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