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Chapter 678: Master Had Achieved His Goal

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Chapter 678: Master Had Achieved His Goal

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“Hui’er, the situation’s not in your favor right now. If you don’t plead guilty to the attempted murder of the Prince, the Emperor will punish you severely. Why don’t you admit guilt first, and I’ll ask the Emperor to release you from the palace,” said Ji Qingyuan decisively.

Women who had joined the imperial harem were not allowed to leave it, and regardless of whether they were favored or not, they had to stay in the palace until they died of old age.


Ji Qingyuan pulled up her sleeve and removed the bangle from her wrist. He was glad that his mother had gotten into the late Empress Dowager’s good graces back then and was gifted this bangle.

This bangle represented the late Empress Dowager. As long as he presented it when interceding with the Emperor, the Emperor would grant him mercy.

When Ji Linghui heard what her father said, a trace of reluctance flashed through her eyes.

She did not want to leave the palace and the Emperor…

However, she also knew well that given her current situation, she would be in for eternal doom if she did not leave the palace.

After a long moment, she nodded softly. “All right. Thank you for worrying about me, Daddy.”

Ji Qingyuan sighed and said, “Silly girl.” With that, he got up and walked out.

Zhao Qian had given the father and daughter some space alone and was now waiting outside the interrogation room.

Seeing him come out, he said with a broad smile, “How did it go, Duke Ji? Has the Prudence Consort admitted guilt?”

Ji Qingyuan sighed and smiled ruefully. “I failed to teach my daughter well, and I’ve truly embarrassed myself in front of you, Butler Zhao. I’d like to ask for a meeting with His Majesty; would you kindly make an exception for me?”

“His Majesty’s probably having his meal in Grand Phoenix Palace right now. You can go there together with me, Duke Ji,” said Zhao Qian.

Even if Ji Linghui’s admission of guilt was now only a stopgap measure, Master had still achieved his goal.

After this, there would probably be one less consort in the palace.

Soon, Ji Qingyuan and Zhao Qian reached Grand Phoenix Palace.

When they arrived, they heard talking and laughing coming from inside.

“Your Majesty, you hit the ball too fast.”

“Lil Qi, you come and play with His Majesty. He’s cheating, he’s using internal strength to bully me because I don’t know martial arts. Hurry up and beat him to a pulp!”

Ji Qingyuan could tell right away who the speaker was, which shocked him tremendously. He did not expect Lu Liangwei to be so casual with the Emperor in private. It seemed that the Emperor was very smitten with Lu Liangwei indeed.

Comparing her status to his daughter’s current miserable state, he felt a little bitter.

Zhao Qian said with a grin, “His Majesty’s playing badminton with the Empress.”

Ji Qingyuan was surprised. “Playing badminton?”

“Why don’t you go in and see for yourself?” As Zhao Qian spoke, he entered Grand Phoenix Palace before him.

Sure enough, when they walked in, they saw the Emperor playing badminton, but the opponent had already changed to Chu Qi.

Looking at Chu Qi opposite him, Long Yang tossed his racket to Chu Jiu, all interest lost. “You play with Chu Qi.”

Chu Jiu took the racket and started playing with Chu Qi as ordered.

Both of them were skilled in martial arts, but Chu Qi had great internal strength and hit each serve at unusually tricky angles, making the game difficult for Chu Jiu.

She gritted her teeth in a reluctance to continue playing, but the boy opposite her clearly loved the sport — unlike his usual dull self, he was bubbling with enthusiasm.

Chu Jiu rolled her eyes. Out of the corner of her eye, she glimpsed Zhao Qian approaching and hurriedly shouted to Chu Qi, “Wait, I need to go to the bathroom. In the meantime, Butler Zhao can play with you.” With that, she stuffed the racket into Zhao Qian’s hands without giving him a chance to refuse.

Zhao Qian lowered his head and stared blankly at the racket, which had appeared out of nowhere.

However, Chu Qi did not give him the chance to react and sent the shuttlecock smashing toward him.


The impact had Zhao Qian seeing stars.

He rubbed his forehead, and pointing his racket at the boy opposite him, bellowed, “Chu Qi, you b*stard, how dare you make a sneak attack on me! Take this!” He then dealt him a mighty smash as well.


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