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Chapter 682: All She Felt Were Chills

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Chapter 682: All She Felt Were Chills

Nobody expected that the usually gentle and delicate Prudence Consort would be such a wicked person.

No matter what, Xiao Xia was still the maidservant who had served her since she was a child. How could she be so cruel to her?

A mere glance at the appalling condition of her arms was enough to tell that this did not happen in just one day.

A nosy palace servant stepped forward and lifted Xiao Xia’s tunic. When she saw that her back was also covered in densely packed needle marks, she crumpled to the ground in horror.

Zhao Qian felt a great wave of sympathy for Xiao Xia, and at the same time, he felt that he understood Ji Linghui’s character better.

What a frightening and twisted person.

It was no wonder she was able to withstand the torture in the interrogation room. She was no ordinary human, and she treated herself as viciously as she treated others.

Such a person was truly the most terrifying type.

Thank goodness she had left the palace, otherwise who knew what kind of unrest she would stir up in the future?

Xiao Xia was eventually allowed to stay.

Zhu Yu relayed the news she had received to Lu Liangwei animatedly.

“Indeed, cats hide their claws. Who knew that the gentle and harmless Prudence Consort would turn out to be such an evil person.”

Lu Liangwei was also shocked to hear what Ji Linghui had done to Xiao Xia.

However, when she remembered that she had also once hired the House of Swallow Snow to kill her, not to mention her outrageous attempt to murder Wanyan Zhi yesterday just to frame her, she found that she was no longer surprised.

It was all because the Prudence Consort had always given off the impression that she would never hurt a fly. If her deeds had not been exposed, it would be hard to believe that she was so twisted.

Zhu Yu said emotionally, “Miss, now I realize how lucky I am! I must have accumulated a few lifetimes of blessings to be able to serve a mistress like you.”

Coming back to her senses, Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow and said teasingly, “So before this, you thought that you were unlucky for having to serve me?”

“I swear on my conscience that I have never thought that way before. It’s truly my life’s greatest blessing to be able to serve you, Miss.” Zhu Yu hurriedly expressed her loyalty.

Lu Liangwei snorted. “You’d better hang out less with Butler Zhao in the future.”

Zhu Yu, “…”

Zhao Qian sneezed. Was someone bad-mouthing him?

Meanwhile, in Pure Jade Palace.

The Virtuous Consort and the Pure Consort sat facing each other and exchanged glances, neither of them opening their mouth to speak.

Although the Pure Consort had been confined to her quarters, there was no rule that other people could not visit her.

Therefore, under the guise of visiting her, the Virtuous Consort came to bring her the news of Ji Linghui’s expulsion from the palace.

Suppressing the alarm she felt in her heart, the Pure Consort picked up her teacup and took a sip.

The Virtuous Consort traced the pattern on her cup with her fingers as she stared absentmindedly at the light green liquid inside.

She did not expect that Ji Linghui would be eliminated from the game just like that.

Only the Empress and two consorts were now left in the enormous harem. As for the Noble Consort, she had already been cast to the Palace Laundry Service and would never be able to restore her former glory.

The warm sunlight shone down on her, but all she felt were chills.

After a long while, the Pure Consort could not help but break the silence. “Did the Prudence Consort… really try to murder the Grand Princess’s son?”

Coming back to her senses, the Virtuous Consort glanced at her. “I wasn’t there when it happened yesterday. I only rushed over when I heard the commotion, and when I arrived, the Prudence Consort was already in trouble. It seemed that she attacked the Prince to frame the Empress, but they were fortunate that the Empress saw through her and saved the Prince in time.”

The Pure Consort snickered. “Would you believe such a far-fetched story? It’s just an excuse to eliminate us—the thorns in her side. Just you wait—it will be our turn next.”

The Virtuous Consort did not reply, her silence signifying her agreement..

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