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Chapter 683: 683

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Chapter 683: Win The Emperor’s Attention

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The Pure Consort gripped the teacup in her hands. “How could His Majesty believe such a flawed story? The Prudence Consort is usually so gentle and harmless. How could she be so vicious?”

The Virtuous Consort shot her a glance.

She actually disagreed with this.

Was there anyone truly harmless who could survive in the palace until now?

Indeed, the Prudence Consort usually seemed gentle, but that was all for show.

It was anyone’s guess how vicious she could be in private.

“On my way here just now, I heard that the Prudence Consort’s maidservant stubbornly refused to leave the palace and go back to her, and she begged Butler Zhao to let her stay.”

The Pure Consort was stunned. “What does that mean?”

The Virtuous Consort picked up her cup and took a sip. “Apparently, when she pulled up her sleeves, everyone saw that her arms were covered in needle marks to the point where there was not a patch of undamaged skin.”

The Pure Consort was appalled. “What?”

The Virtuous Consort did not continue.

If the Prudence Consort was really a harmless woman, she would not have tortured her personal maidservant like that.

In her opinion, the Prudence Consort had repressed her emotions so much that she could only vent her anger on her maidservant.

The Pure Consort calmed herself down and asked hesitantly, “You’re saying that the Prudence Consort wasn’t totally innocent?”

The Virtuous Consort glanced at the clear skies and shook her head. “That I don’t know.”

The Pure Consort bit her lip and said, “What if the Prudence Consort actually was plotting murder, but then the Empress turned her plot against her…”

The moment she uttered these words, both of them fell silent again.

If that were the case, it would be utterly terrifying.

Was the Empress already so cunning at such a young age?

“I must be mistaken. If she really is that sly, she wouldn’t have gotten robbed by her own sister…” The Pure Consort trailed off.

However, both of them already knew the truth well.

After staying for a while more, the Virtuous Consort rose and said, “Get some rest, Pure Consort. I have to go back and prepare for the Autumn Hunt tomorrow.”

The Pure Consort felt even more sullen to hear this.

Although the Autumn Hunt was basically just a hunting event in the Cool Mountains, it was an excellent opportunity for people like them who had been cooped up in the palace for the whole year.

Not only could they see the Emperor, but they could also use this chance to leave the palace and get some fresh air outside.

However, now that she was confined to her quarters, she would have no chance of going.

The thought of it infuriated her.

She had merely spoken a little too much in front of Lu Liangwei last time, and when the Emperor learned about it, he issued an order to confine her to Pure Jade Palace.

She twisted the handkerchief in her hands, hatred surging in her heart, but there was nothing she could do now that she was not allowed to go out.

At the sight of her downcast face, the corners of the Virtuous Consort’s lips turned up.

She left Pure Jade Palace with her servants in tow.

She did not sympathize with Ji Linghui and was, in fact, a little delighted. At the very least, she would have improved chances now that there was one less competitor, right?

During this trip to the Cool Mountains, she was determined to perform outstandingly to win the Emperor’s attention.

The Eastern Palace.

After returning from court, Long Chi walked into his study and was about to sit down and begin work when he spotted an unsigned letter on his table.

Puzzled, he opened and read it.

A moment later, he shot up to his feet, his face livid, and stormed out of his study. With Jiang Chong in tow, he headed in the direction of Beauty Chen’s courtyard.

Chen Qiyu was basking in the sun when the door to the courtyard was kicked open with a deafening bang.

She jumped in shock.

Thinking that it was a mindless servant, Mei’er was about to yell at the intruder but fell silent at once when she saw the person who had entered.

“Your, Your Highness?”

Chen Qiyu stood up to curtsy to the person approaching her, only to be suddenly struck in the face by an object.

The pointed corners of the object grazed her face, producing a sharp pain, but she did not dare to say a word as she reached out and caught the falling letter.

“Chen Qiyu, how dare you deceive me!”

Although Chen Qiyu had already prepared herself for this, her face paled after she read the letter, and a sheen of cold sweat coated her palms.

Looking at the enraged man, she hurriedly fell to her knees. “Your Highness, I’m innocent. I’ve been in the Eastern Palace all this time.. How could I have gone to such a place?”

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