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Chapter 690: 690

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Chapter 690: What Were The Emperor And Empress Doing
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Lu Liangwei paused in her steps before remembering that the Virtuous Consort was a concubine of the imperial harem. She would be attending the Autumn Hunt as well.

It was the Empress Dowager’s decree and not Long Yang’s.

The Empress Dowager had earlier instructed Matron Chen to inform Lu Liangwei, or rather, ‘educate’ Lu Liangwei about this.

The Autumn Hunt was an annual event of the royal family. There had always been the tradition of concubines from the imperial harem tagging along since the ancestral times, and this tradition had been continued in this generation.

It was as if suggesting Lu Liangwei would make use of her position as Empress to stop the other concubines from attending.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing must have had too much free time on her hands recently. Long Yang might refer to her as the Empress Dowager out of politeness, but it did not mean that she had the right to meddle in the affairs of his imperial harem.

A snigger appeared on Lu Liangwei’s lips. Empress Dowager Xiaojing’s subtle criticism did not bother her at all.

“Please rise, Virtuous Consort.” Lu Liangwei subtly raised her hand at the Virtuous consort as she walked down slowly from the stairs.

“Thank you, Your Highness.” The Virtuous Consort straightened up and stared at the girl in front of her. Even though she did not respect Lu Liangwei, she had to admit that Lu Liangwei had a refreshing look to her style today. It had nothing to do with Lu Liangwei’s beautiful face, but rather that feeling of energy emanating from within her.

The Virtuous Consort could not help sighing. How nice it was to be young!

Lu Liangwei did not actually dress up too much. As time was of the essence, all she did was tie her long hair up into a bun. As it was a hunting event, she picked a dress that was slightly tighter and easier for movement.

Her dress was light green, and when paired with her clean look and tied-up bun of hair, she was still able to easily catch the eye of others without needing to put on too much make-up.

Long Yang had not yet emerged from the imperial study when they arrived.

Lu Liangwei gave this some thought and walked in directly.

The Virtuous Consort had stopped in her steps when they had arrived outside the imperial study. She knew His Majesty’s rules very well. He did not like any of the concubines to cross the line.

That was why she did not need anyone to remind her of this, and she stopped out of habit.

However, she was astonished to see Lu Liangwei casually walk into the imperial study without being summoned.

After recovering from her astonishment, the Virtuous Consort suddenly had a slight feeling of excitement about the upcoming drama that would ensue from this.

Lu Liangwei must have grown arrogant from being constantly favored and pampered by His Majesty. She had forgotten her place and actually entered the imperial study without being summoned.

Just wait. Lu Liangwei would soon be kicked out by His Majesty.

A sneer appeared on the Virtuous Consort’s face as she thought of this. She was eagerly waiting for what would happen next.

However, she waited for quite a while and did not hear the Emperor ordering anyone to get out. Lu Liangwei did not reappear after going in.

The Virtuous Consort began to feel frustrated.

Could she have got this all wrong?

It could not be. His Majesty may be showering love and adoration for Lu Liangwei for now, but he was a wise ruler who drew a clear line between right and wrong. He would never allow the Empress or any concubine to disrupt his administrative work.

The Noble Consort was the best example!

The Virtuous Consort clenched on her handkerchief. She wanted to barge into the room and find out what the Emperor and Empress were doing.

However, she did not dare do anything rash as she remembered the lesson from before.

She waited and waited. It felt like a lifetime had passed before the Emperor and Empress finally came out.

Lu Liangwei had only entered for a short time, but the Virtuous Consort felt that a long time had passed because of her frustration over the whole situation.

The Virtuous Consort noticed that when the Emperor and Empress came out of the room, Lu Liangwei’s lips were slightly redder and puffier than before.

This realization upset the Virtuous Consort.

Did the Emperor and Empress flirt with each other in the imperial study while she was out there waiting?

She could scarcely believe this.

The Emperor had always been a stickler for rules. How was it possible for him to do such an inappropriate thing? It must be because Lu Liangwei had shamelessly seduced His Majesty.

“Greetings to Your Highness!” She quickly gathered her thoughts as she approached Long Yang to greet him..

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