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Chapter 701: 701

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Chapter 701: Is Your Majesty Admitting To Suffering From Kidney Deficiency
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Long Yang was not easily deceived. “I can believe she might have been the one who threw the medicinal ball, but why did the Crown Prince wake up right after we arrived? Also…”

He paused before continuing, “He didn’t even manage to put on his clothes in time.”

Lu Liangwei’s pretty eyes blinked as she answered innocently, “Are you suspecting me of doing something to him? I really didn’t do anything. I’ve never even stepped into that area when you rushed over.”

There was a tender look in his eyes when he heard this. “You really didn’t step in there?”

“Of course I didn’t. I’ve always been an obedient girl. Moreover, I wouldn’t want myself to go blind,” Lu Liangwei said indignantly.

A smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips. He was very pleased with her answer. “You’re very obedient indeed. Not entering into the area was a very wise choice!”

Lu Liangwei thought of something and said with a smile, “Did you manage to get some eye candy when you entered the area, Your Majesty? Beauty Lin has a great body. If the Crown Prince wasn’t wearing anything, Beauty Lin must have been naked as well. Your Majesty must have enjoyed a very nice sight.”

Long Yang replied with some regret when he heard this. “I didn’t see anything. Beauty Lin had proper clothes on her.”

Lu Liangwei had only been joking. She did not expect that he would reply with a regretful tone. It was quite maddening.

“It sounds like Your Majesty is disappointed that you didn’t manage to see Beauty Lin’s exposed body.”

A smile crossed Long Yang’s deep, dark eyes. “I didn’t see any bare bodies, but I did smell sour grapes in the air.”

Lu Liangwei immediately caught the teasing tone in his words. She replied somewhat frustratedly, “There is no need for disappointment, Your Majesty. As long as you’re willing, you can get all the women in this world to expose themselves to you.”

“Are you so easily jealous, you little vat of vinegar?” Long Yang did not continue teasing her when he noticed how upset she was.

He added earnestly, “Silly girl. What exactly is inside that brain of yours? I have no interest in other women.”

Lu Liangwei snorted gently. “That’s pretty hard to prove.”

“How can I have the time to spend on another when I can hardly spend enough time with you? You’re not allowed to let your imagination run wild,” Long Yang said in a low tone.

Lu Liangwei pouted. He made it sound like she was the one pestering him.

She did not pester him at all.

“Is Your Majesty admitting to suffering from kidney deficiency?” She raised an eyebrow as she intentionally misconstrued his meaning.

Long Yang’s eyes narrowed dangerously. “Do you want to find out right now?”

Lu Liangwei blushed. “You’re being a hooligan, Your Majesty!”

She struggled to escape from his arms as she said this.

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Long Yang’s handsome face inched closer to hers. “Let me kiss you and I’ll let you down.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head, unwilling to compromise. “No, you can’t. You’ve already kissed me just now.”

“Are you sure you won’t let me?” A certain Emperor threatened her shamelessly.

Lu Liangwei finally gave in to his demand for intimacy and gave him a kiss on the lips. “Happy now?”

Long Yang was, of course, not happy. However, this was not the right time or place for that, so he let it be.

He took her hand after putting her down.

“Even though the medicinal ball wasn’t thrown by you, you were still the one responsible for what happened later, am I right?”

Lu Liangwei did not hide the truth and immediately admitted it. “Yes.”

A smile appeared on Long Yang’s face. He looked utterly delighted.

Lu Liangwei noticed this and said very pointedly, “It’s not appropriate for you to be so happy, Your Majesty. He is your nephew, after all.”

“You must have seen it wrong. This is how I look when I am feeling bad for the Crown Prince,” said Long Yang.

He sighed. “I’m afraid the Crown Prince has been utterly embarrassed after today’s events.”

Lu Liangwei suddenly felt excited as she said, “Are you planning for the news to spread back to the imperial capital?”

“Why would I do something like that? Although, there were so many witnesses to what happened today. One or two people who might let something slip. I can’t really silence every one of them, can I?” Long Yang said helplessly..

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