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Chapter 703: 703

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Chapter 703: This Was A Pretty Serious Conversation

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The guards brought the horse over and Long Yang hoisted Wanyan Zhi up onto the horse, then they rode around the enclosure.

Long Yang was initially worried that Wanyan Zhi was too young and did not dare speed up the horse. However, he soon realized that Wanyan Zhi was not at all frightened even after he slowly gained speed. He could tell that the boy enjoyed riding on a galloping horse when his little face brightened with excitement.

This might have been because Wanyan Zhi’s father had brought him horse-riding often.

Long Yang sped up without worry after that.

Lu Liangwei and Long Qingzhi stood side-by-side as they watched the two galloping into the distance. Both ladies were itching to ride as well.

Long Qingzhi turned to glance at Lu Liangwei and saw how her eyes sparkled while watching Long Yang and Wanyan Zhi riding the horse. Right then, Long Qingzhi knew that the little Empress was not the quiet and reserved soul she was perceived to be.

Long Qingzhi sized up Lu Liangwei playfully and broke the silence. “It looks like my little brother can take pretty good care of Zhi’er. He would be a good father in the future.”

Lu Liangwei was focusing on the horse brought over by the guard when she heard Long Qingzhi’s sudden words. She was taken aback, not prepared for it. When Lu Liangwei realized what Long Qingzhi had meant, she felt a little self-conscious.

Would His Majesty be a good father in the future?

She could not help but try to imagine.

From the way His Majesty usually treated her with so much gentleness, he should make a good father.

Lu Liangwei nodded at this thought. “Maybe he will be.”

Long Qingzhi smiled at her reply. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. You might already have a little life growing inside you right now.”

This was a pretty serious conversation that Lu Liangwei was unprepared for.

There might be a little life growing inside her now?

Lu Liangwei could not help looking at the man galloping on the horse when this thought entered her mind. She began to think about it.

Judging by the high frequency His Majesty had been bedding her, there was a high chance she might already be pregnant if there were no issues.

As she was mulling over this, Long Qingzhi continued, “Brother is no longer young. You should both start planning to have your own children.”

Lu Liangwei tried to suppress the burning sensation on her face and nodded. “Thank you for the reminder, Royal Sister. I understand.”

Long Qingzhi gently rubbed Lu Liangwei’s head and said emotionally, “Weiwei, you’re such a good girl. I can’t help liking you.”

This generation’s women were mostly mature and sensible, but it was rare to find someone as obedient as Weiwei.

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However, even though she appeared so obedient and sensible, she was actually quite opinionated.

If one did not take into account her physical attributes, she did not seem at all like a fifteen-year-old.

Lu Liangwei blushed slightly. “You’re very good at joking, Royal Sister.”

“I’m being sincere.” Long Qingzhi held Lu Liangwei’s hand and carefully looked her over.

Lu Liangwei smiled. “Thank you for your sisterly love, Royal Sister.”

As they chatted away, Long Yang returned with Wanyan Zhi.

It was only then that Long Qingzhi released Lu Liangwei’s hand. When she saw that Wanyan Zhi had fallen asleep in Long Yang’s arms, she immediately reached out her hands. “Brother, I’ll take Zhi’er from you. He must be tired. I’ll take him back for a nap.”

Long Yang nodded and placed Wanyan Zhi into her arms.

Something crossed Long Qingzhi’s mind just as she was about to leave. She turned toward Long Yang and smiled as she said, “If there’s nothing important for you to attend to, you should bring Weiwei for a few rounds of riding. It looks to me that she really wants to go horse-riding.”

With that, Long Qingzhi left with her son in her arms without waiting for Lu Liangwei to react.

Long Yang urged his horse closer to Lu Liangwei. His eyes were twinkling as he asked gently, “Do you want to go horse-riding?”

When Lu Liangwei noticed him approaching her, she lifted her petite face to look at him and admitted openly, “I do. I haven’t ridden a horse for quite a while. I’ve already got the guard to get me a—”

Before she could finish her words, Long Yang suddenly reached out to her and effortlessly lifted her onto the horse.

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