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Chapter 710: Execute Secretly

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Chapter 710: Execute Secretly
In the dead of night, all that could be heard was the Emperor’s muffled grunt, followed by the sound of splashing water.


His voice was low, revealing a hint of uncontained hoarseness.

Meanwhile, in the Eastern Palace.

It was already late at night, but Lu Yunshuang had yet to fall asleep.

She lay in bed, growing increasingly frustrated as she thought about the events that had happened over the past few days.

What exactly went wrong?

The fact that Chen Qiyu’s body had already been tainted was enough reason for her to be secretly executed.

However, Chen Qiyu got out unscathed and only received an insignificant punishment – confinement to her quarters.

She had unhesitantly staked her everything only to yield such a result, which she could not bring herself to accept.

Could it be that Long Chi cared about the child in Chen Qiyu’s womb?

What a joke!

They did not even know if the child was a boy or girl yet. Even if it was a boy, given Long Chi’s current age, he was not that desperate to the point where he needed a woman who had betrayed him to bear a child for him.

Lu Yunshuang was baffled.

However, she knew well that this matter was not as simple as it seemed.

Perhaps the Emperor had intervened.

After all, he was the one who brought Chen Qiyu back from the brothel.

Long Chi could not dispose of Chen Qiyu as he pleased out of respect for the Emperor.

However, killing off someone silently in the palace was child’s play. All Long Chi needed was an excuse to execute Chen Qiyu secretly, and he did not even have to get his own hands dirty.

Yet, he did not.

Under her orders, Hong Xiu found out that although Chen Qiyu had been strictly confined to her courtyard, her daily meals were still well-provided. She did not face any nutrient deficiency; in fact, her meals were even more carefully prepared.

This was not like Long Chi at all.

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How could Chen Qiyu still be all right after all that disgrace? There was definitely something that she did not know.

Troubled by the question, she remained sleepless for a long time.

As she touched her belly, a thought suddenly occurred to her, and she sat up in bed abruptly.

The problem was not with Chen Qiyu but with Long Chi himself.

She recalled Long Chi’s reaction the last two times.

He had obviously been aroused and had even taken off his clothes, but at the crucial moment, he pulled away and made up an excuse to leave.

Once was still acceptable – maybe something sudden really came up. However, when he reacted the same way the following time, she could not help overthinking.

The thought made Lu Yunshuang’s hands and feet turn chilly, and she felt her heart go cold.

No way. If Long Chi was really impotent, how did Chen Qiyu get pregnant, and where did her previously miscarried child come from?

Her mind must be going in the wrong direction.

However, what was the reason for Chen Qiyu’s scatheless state?

Irritability arose in her heart, and she suddenly grabbed a cup from the table beside her bed and hurled it to the floor.


The sound was particularly ear-piercing in the silent night.

The person in black who had just entered the room stopped in his tracks.

Just then, there came the sound of a servant’s footsteps from outside.

“My lady, are you all right? Did something happen?” The servant banged on the doors and asked anxiously.

Lu Yunshuang yelled in annoyance, “I’m fine. Leave me alone.”

The one banging on the doors was Hong Xiu. Hearing this, she instantly understood that she was in a bad mood and that that noise just now was probably a cup in the room.

As the sound of the servant’s footsteps faded away, the person in black looked at the disheveled woman sitting on the bed, his eyes flashing with murderous intent.

Without hesitation, the person raised the sword in his hand and lunged at Lu Yunshuang ruthlessly.

When Lu Yunshuang heard the whoosh of air, horror colored her features.. She seized the covers beside her and threw it toward the assailant, crying out at the same time, “Guards, guards! There’s an assassin – “

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