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Chapter 711: 711

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Chapter 711: She Would Rightfully Become Empress Dowager

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The covers blocked the black-clad assailant’s sword, hindering their movement.

Seizing that instant, Lu Yunshuang rolled onto the floor, avoiding another attack from the assailant, and swiftly grabbed her sword from the wall.

“Who are you?” She pointed her sword at her attacker.

The person sneered. “I forgot that you’ve got some moves, but that doesn’t matter. Today will be the day you die!”

The person’s murderous words made Lu Yunshuang’s mind go blank for a moment, and she stared in disbelief at the assassin dressed in black. “Chen Xuping? You’re Chen Xuping!”

The assailant did not reply.

He had taken the great risk of breaking into the Eastern Palace today just to avenge himself and the entire Duke Chen Family.

Also… to end everything once and for all!

Seeing the sharp sword aiming for her once again, Lu Yunshuang turned pale with fright and yelled in panic as she dodged the attack. “Are you crazy, Chen Xuping? I’m Lu Yunshuang! Don’t you care for me more than anyone else? You used to get all anxious over me getting a scratch. How could you try to kill me now?”

“I was a fool! And stop talking, Lu Yunshuang; you’ll only make me hate you even more. Did you ever think about my feelings when you used me as a pawn? I did everything for you, and my family even ended up having our property seized, but have you ever felt the slightest bit of guilt?”

“How could I not? Otherwise, why would I have informed Zhao Heng to rescue you?” Lu Yunshuang averted her gaze. Thinking of something, she said furiously, “Have you been bewitched by someone else? Was it Lu Liangwei or Lin Qingyuan? We’ve known each other for so long, how could you believe them and not me? I’m so disappointed in you.”

After saying that, she flung her sword onto the floor and started weeping as she recalled all the dreadful things that had happened over the past few days.

She did not believe that Chen Xuping would kill her.

She knew better than anyone how much he used to care for her.

He must have been goaded by Lu Liangwei into his current abnormal behavior.

“Since you hate me so much, you can just kill me. Come on, do it. If I fight back even a little, you can treat everything that I’ve said as lies.” With that, she bared her neck and looked at him pitifully, tears streaming down her face.

Chen Xuping’s eyes narrowed.

If he had not witnessed first-hand how double-faced she could be, he would have already been deceived by her now.

Gripping his sword, he made his way over to her without a word.

Lu Yunshuang relaxed when she saw his actions and said softly, “Xuping, I regret so much that I didn’t choose you back then. I was a fool to cast a great man like you aside and marry into the Eastern Palace instead. How wonderful my life would be if I’d chosen you… I wouldn’t have had to live such a difficult and painful life. Xuping…”

The moment Chen Xuping approached her, she clung to his arm weakly and even buried her face in his chest, rubbing herself against his body. “I regret it. I really regret everything. Xuping, let’s be together.”

Since Long Chi had chosen to treat her this way, he had better not fault her for giving him a taste of his own medicine.

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Since he was already impotent, she had to find a way forward herself. As long as she could give birth to a son, she could find an opportunity to kill Long Chi after he ascended the throne in the future. She would help her son become Emperor, and then she would rightfully become Empress Dowager.

Right now, Chen Xuping was her best choice.

She was confident that Chen Xuping would not be able to refuse her.

Given how much he used to like her, surely he must be mad with joy to see her throw herself at him now..

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