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Chapter 713: 713

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Chapter 713: Frequency Of Sleeping With The Crown Prince

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Chen Xuping heard the courtyard doors being thrown open. A sea of lanterns swarmed in, illuminating the small courtyard and making it as bright as day.

If he were to hesitate a moment longer, he would get Chen Qiyu into trouble too. Eventually, he gritted his teeth and climbed into her bed.

After he lay down, Chen Qiyu sat down on her bed as well and adjusted the covers to hide him beneath them.

“My lady has already gone to bed, so you’d better keep your voices down and not disturb her. She’s now pregnant, and the Crown Prince very much.” Mei’er’s voice was raised and sounded a little cross as if she was unhappy about the guards’ intrusion.

The guards were naturally aware that Chen Qiyu was pregnant with the Crown Prince’s heir. If they had another choice, they would not have barged in either.

“Miss Mei’er, we’re just acting on orders. The assassin stabbed Lady Lu just now, and if we fail to seize him, we’ll be in trouble when the Crown Prince gets back. Please understand and let us pass. Once we make sure that the assassin’s not here, we’ll leave right away.”

“What are you saying? Are you suggesting that we’re harboring that assassin? You just want to bully my lady now that the Crown Prince is not around.” Mei’er’s voice grew shrill.

The guard immediately said apologetically, “Don’t be angry, Miss Mei’er. Our people are searching the other courtyards too; we’re not targeting yours in any way. We just want to stop the assassin from escaping, and we’re also worried that he’d hurt Beauty Chen if he’d somehow snuck in here.”

Mei’er still looked furious, but her tone had softened. “Fine, you can do your search, but you must be quiet and not disturb my lady. She already has a hard enough time falling asleep at night now that she’s pregnant.”

Relieved to hear this, the guards wasted no time and started searching all the wing rooms.

Some time later, they stood outside the main house and said to Mei’er uncomfortably, “We’ve searched all the rooms except for this one. Could you…”

Mei’er stared at them in disbelief. “This is the main house where my lady lives, and you’re asking if you can search inside?”

“I’m just worried about Beauty Chen’s safety. Please step aside, Miss Mei’er.” The guards had no choice either. However, Miss Hong Xiu had informed them just now that the assassin was Chen Xuping, a criminal on the court’s most wanted list.

He and Beauty Chen were siblings.

Mei’er laughed coldly at his evasive reply. “In your dreams. How could I allow you to barge into my lady’s room? If word gets out, her reputation will be tarnished. Besides, if you upset my lady, can you bear the consequences? Don’t forget that she’s carrying a royal heir in her womb.”

The guard broke out in a cold sweat, and he tried to negotiate with her. “Miss Mei’er, we promise that we’ll leave right after taking just one look, and we promise that we won’t upset Beauty Chen.”

Mei’er was about to retort when Chen Qiyu’s voice came from inside the house. “Mei’er, they’re just acting on orders. Since they want to search the place, just let them in so that everyone can be at ease.”

The guards were overjoyed to hear this. “Thank you for understanding, Beauty Chen.”

Mei’er had no choice but to move aside.

Once she did that, the guards poured into the main house.

The moment they opened the doors, they spotted a graceful figure behind the folding screen.

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They had seen Beauty Chen before during their usual shifts in the Eastern Palace, and although they did not dare to stare at her insolently, they were still well aware of her charm.

Among all the beauties in the Eastern Palace, Beauty Chen was the most favored, aside from Lady Lu.

Moreover, when it came to the frequency of sleeping with the Crown Prince, Beauty Chen probably surpassed Lady Lu by a comfortable margin.

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