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Chapter 731: 731

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“No, I have not.” Lu Liangwei shook her head as she replied, not thinking much of it.

Long Yang was taken aback. “You have not taken up archery before?”

Lu Liangwei had a bad feeling when she saw how surprised he was. Sure enough, the next words that came from him sounded incredulous. “But your brother told me that you’ve been learning archery since a young age and you’re quite good at it.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart sank as she looked at the man’s puzzled eyes. She forced a smile. “As my brother said, I did learn it at a young age, but I’ve not touched the bow and arrow for quite some years, which is why I’ve probably lost my touch.”

Long Yang gave her a thoughtful look but said nothing else.

Lu Liangwei was secretly relieved.

So, the original host had learned archery since young?

Why did she not have any impression of it?

Nevertheless, His Majesty was not one to spout nonsense.

She frowned. Fortunately for her, His Majesty did not question her any further.

Right at that moment, she felt something tighten around her wrist. It was Long Yang’s hands. “Since you’ve forgotten how to shoot a bow and arrow, I’ll teach you.”

Lu Liangwei was not even given the chance to reject him. She felt her body go weightless as she was lifted over onto his horse. He sat her down right in front of him.

Chu Jiu quickly went forward to help rein in Lu Liangwei’s horse.

Long Yang took out his bow and arrow and placed it into Lu Liangwei’s hands.

Lu Liangwei tried her best to visualize what it looked like to shoot an arrow from the television dramas she had previously watched, then she fitted the arrow into the bow.

Long Yang did not say anything as he watched her. She was secretly relieved to know that she did not put in the arrow the wrong way.

After that, Long Yang held her hand with his and guided her on how to aim.

There were a few wild fowls not far away. She followed Long Yang’s instructions as she aimed at one of the birds.


She released the arrow from the bow the moment Long Yang instructed.

The arrow left the bow with a whoosh.

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Unfortunately, the arrow did not manage to strike the wild fowl as she had hoped. Instead, it whizzed by the wild fowl and flew straight into the bushes.

“I missed.” She turned to look at Long Yang pitifully.

Long Yang smiled and rubbed her head. “I can see that. Although, that was actually not a bad shot considering your level, Weiwei. Let’s practice some more.”

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei gathered her spirits and took the arrow passed to her by Long Yang. She placed the arrow into the bow and began searching for her next target.

Unfortunately, Lu Liangwei’s previous shot had alerted the other wild fowls searching for food in the area. They had all made their escape by now.

Lu Liangwei was considering practicing her shooting on a nearby tree when she suddenly heard something fly through the air.

She turned and saw an arrow shooting swiftly into the ground.


It hit a wild fowl on the neck.

She was about to ask whose shot that was when she saw Chu Qi, who was supposed to be behind them, riding up to them on his horse. He went straight to the wild fowl that had fallen onto the grassy field.

“That was amazing!” Lu Liangwei was just about to lament when she found that her hands were empty. The bow she was holding had been taken by Long Yang.

She thought he wanted to hunt for something, but instead, she saw him place three arrows into the bow at the same time.

Lu Liangwei looked at him in surprise.

Was His Majesty planning to shoot three arrows at once?

As she thought this, she saw him aim all three arrows toward a flock of birds in the sky. There was a sharp glint in his eye.

Lu Liangwei held her breath as the three arrows shot out, fast as lightning.




Three flying birds fell from the sky after three shots were heard.

Chu Jiu immediately urged her horse forward to pick up the fallen birds.

When she saw four birds in Chu Jiu’s hand, she blurted incredulously, “Weren’t there only three birds? Why is there an extra one?”

Chu Jiu pointed at two of the birds and explained, “These two were flying close to each other and His Majesty got them with one arrow, which is why there are four in total.”

Two birds with one arrow?!

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