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Chapter 733: 733

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Chapter 733: His Majesty’s Mood Lightened From The Grim Atmosphere

Even though he had excellent archery skills, he nearly failed to save her at the crucial moment.

Fortunately, the girl mustered the courage to slit the tiger’s throat with her dagger to save herself.

He frowned at the sight of her right palm, stained red from the tiger’s blood. He took out a handkerchief and gently wiped it clean for her.

Lu Liangwei looked at his calm and quiet eyes. She felt a strong sense of security. “It was all thanks to you just now, Your Majesty. Otherwise, I would have died in the tiger’s jaws.”

She was saying it in jest but Long Yang’s expression fell when he heard her words. He looked at her unhappily. “Don’t you dare spout such nonsense!”

Lu Liangwei was shocked by the look on his face. Under his sharp scrutiny, she replied obediently, “Alright, I know.”

Long Yang’s expression finally softened as he helped her up.

At the same moment, Chu Qi came over and presented a dagger to Lu Liangwei. “This was retrieved from the tiger’s throat.”

The dagger had been wiped clean and had no traces of blood.

Lu Liangwei took it from him and waved the dagger in front of Long Yang. “Do you remember this dagger, Your Majesty?”

Long Yang’s gaze fell onto the dagger, then he nodded. “Yes. I gave it to you.”

A small smile appeared on Lu Liangwei’s lips. “No, you didn’t. You exchanged it with mine.”

Long Yang smiled brightly. “That dagger of yours was just an ordinary one. But this dagger I gave to you is particularly sharp and is a rarity in this world.”

“It is truly sharp. It can shave iron like wood. It’s thanks to it that I was able to stab the tiger to death with one strike,” Lu Liangwei said. She was implying that she was lucky to be alive because of His Majesty.

It was not only for the arrows he had fired, but for this dagger as well.

“It’s lucky that you had the wits to bring it everywhere with you,” Long Yang said happily as his mood lightened from the grim atmosphere.

Lu Liangwei shot him a look and said quietly, “I’ll continue to bring it everywhere with me in the future.”

Long Yang tightened his grip on her hand when he heard this.

The tiger lay dead and its blood had now dyed the grassy field red.

Chu Qi pulled out the arrows from the tiger’s corpse. There were dozens of them. A handful were shot by him while the rest were fired by his master.

The arrows may have struck the tiger on lethal points of its body, but the wound that had ultimately caused the tiger’s death was the slit on its throat.

Long Yang had also noticed the wound on the tiger’s throat and could not help but glance at the girl next to him.

“Weiwei, you are always surprising me,” he suddenly said.

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Lu Liangwei was putting the dagger away when she heard this. She was puzzled. “Why are you saying that?”

A small smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips as he caressed her hair. “Weiwei, you’re very brave.”

Chu Qi could not help darting Long Yang a look when he heard this.

Was the Empress considered brave?

The appropriate description to use was that she was ruthless!

She had it in her to pull out a dagger to kill the tiger while she was attacked by the ferocious beast. No ordinary person would be able to do that.

However, the Empress had. This could only mean that the Empress was a ruthless person deep at heart.

It was not long before Chu Jiu had gotten some people to drag the tiger away.

Long Yang looked at Lu Liangwei’s petite face, which seemed to still be energetic. He asked, “Are you tired?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Nope. I’m not tired at all.”

“Let’s continue practicing shooting arrows then,” Long Yang said, placing the bow and arrows in her hand.

However, Lu Liangwei had suddenly lost interest in this. “Your Majesty, I think I’m feeling a little tired after all…”

Long Yang suddenly interrupted her and caressed her face with his fingers, saying softly, “Weiwei, let’s practice this properly. There might come a day when I would need you to save me with this.”

Lu Liangwei knew that he was trying to coax her into practice, but something about his words touched her deep inside her heart.

She stopped making excuses and picked up the bow and arrow, then began practicing archery on a dead tree..

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