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Chapter 759: Vile Long Yang

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Chapter 759: Vile Long Yang

However, before her nails could scratch Zhao Qian’s face, she suffered another kick to her stomach. With a bang, her entire body flew out and blood oozed out of her mouth.

This time, Zhao Qian did not hold back. He used all his strength in that kick.

Matron Chen was lying on the ground with blood bubbles in her mouth. She could no longer get up.

Empress Dowager Xiaojing stared at Zhao Qian in shock, unable to react for a long time.

Zhao Qian spat at Matron Chen, who could not get up from the ground. He had disliked this old woman for many years.

Back when he was just a little eunuch, he suffered a lot under this old woman’s hands.

Now that the tables had turned, it was time for him to repay her.

He shook the eunuch robe of his chief steward as if he had not seen the empress dowager’s livid face. He said slowly, “The emperor said that the empress dowager has worked hard and accomplished a lot, so he specially sent us to fetch her back to the imperial holiday home to recuperate.”

When Empress Dowager Xiaojing heard this, her heart that almost jumped out of her chest just now slowly calmed down.

She thought that the evil creature, Long Yang, would suddenly want to deal with her.

At least he was tactful. She might not be his birth mother, but she was still the Empress Dowager of a nation. No matter how reluctant he was, he had to respect her.

She stood up and put on the airs of an empress dowager. “Butler Zhao, you hurt me in front of me. Do you still respect me?”

Zhao Qian immediately changed his attitude and said respectfully, “Empress Dowager, please don’t be angry. This servant was too impetuous just now. I really shouldn’t have done that. I’ll get someone to send Matron Chen to treat her.” After he said that, he signaled to a young eunuch behind him.

The young eunuch immediately stepped forward and helped Matron Chen up.

Zhao Qian continued to speak to the Empress Dowager, “It’s getting late. Empress Dowager, please follow this servant to the imperial holiday home.”

Empress Dowager Xiaojing looked at the different faces and felt disgusted. She stood still and said, “I’m used to the chanting of this temple. It’s good to stay here. There’s no need for the emperor to worry. Butler Zhao, please go back.”

Zhao Qian smiled and said, “The emperor has sent this servant here. If this servant doesn’t handle this matter properly, I will definitely be punished when I return. The Empress Dowager has always been merciful and will definitely not bear to see this servant be punished because of you. Moreover, this Buddhist land is clean. How can the Empress Dowager bear to taint it?”

Before Empress Dowager Xiaojing could react to the meaning behind his words, she saw a few guards suddenly rush over and carry her away.

She was shocked and was about to speak when her mouth was blocked.

Zhao Qian flicked his horsetail whisk and said with a smile, “Our family gave her face, but she didn’t want it and insisted that we use force. She really doesn’t know what’s good for her!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he looked as if he had just seen Long Xiao. His footsteps paused for a moment, and he asked doubtfully, “Why is the Prince of Xiangyang still here?”

Long Xiao suppressed the astonishment in his heart and smiled. He took two steps forward and asked in confusion, “Butler Zhao, why did my brother suddenly…”

Zhao Qian naturally understood what he wanted to ask. He smiled and took out the imperial edict from his sleeve, handing it over to him. “The Prince of Xiangyang can take a look for himself.”

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Long Xiao glanced at him before taking it. After reading it, he was shocked. “The Empress Dowager actually…”

Zhao Qian sighed. “That year, the Prince of Lasting Peace was framed by the Empress Dowager. The Emperor’s health has been poor all these years because he was poisoned by the Empress Dowager.”

When Long Xiao heard this, he could not hide the shock on his face. “There’s such a thing?” The imperial edict did not mention this in detail. It only listed a few charges against Empress Dowager Xiaojing, but did not mention anything about his brother being poisoned..

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