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Chapter 766: It Felt Like She Was Seeing Her For The First Time

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Chapter 766: It Felt Like She Was Seeing Her For The First Time

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“I didn’t want to exchange blows with you because you’re a junior, but I can’t stand by when you’re speaking this way. Who do you think you are? The Dowager Duchess took care of you for more than ten years and she can’t bear to give you any severe reprimanding, but I don’t have such worries. If I hear
any disrespectful words from you again, I wouldn’t think twice about crippling you!” Ling Lihua sounded ominous as she broke the silence in the room.

The slap she had given Lu Yunshuang was quick and ruthless. Lu Yunshuang’s face had been slapped hard to the side and there was blood dripping down the side of her lips.

Lu Yunshuang clutched her cheek as she glared daggers at Ling Lihua

Ling Lihua gave a cold laugh. “It looks like the lesson I gave you wasn’t enough!”

With that, she moved her sleeve and a flying dagger came flying out without warning toward Lu Yunshuang.

‘The poisonous expression on Lu Yunshuang’s face immediately stiffened when she saw this and a chill ran through her heart. She tried to evade but she was not as quick as the flying daggers.

Right as the daggers were about to hit her eyes, a blurry figure came rushing and placed itself right in front of her.


The sound of sharp blades stabbing through flesh could be heard echoing through the room.

Everyone turned toward the source of the sound and saw Zeng Lunan, who was supposed to be standing at the side, now shielding right in front of Lu Yunshuang. A flying dagger had stabbed through his left shoulder and a large amount of blood was now flowing freely from the wound.
Ling Lihua’s hand fell and she frowned at him. “Why would you block the attack for her when she isn’t even willing to acknowledge you? Just her ruthless character alone is enough to tell you that she wouldn’t even blink at the sight of you dying on her behalf.”
Zeng Lunan smiled bitterly. “She is my daughter, after all…”

‘The Dowager Duchess looked at Lu Yunshuang, who was standing behind him and scared silly. It felt like she was seeing the girl for the first time.

This granddaughter of hers used to be quite obedient and understanding. She used to handle matters with just enough poise and appropriateness. When it came to the Dowager Duchess, Lu Yunshuang had always been very respectful of her. The Dowager Duchess had never thought a day would come
when she would see Lu Yunshuang in such a different light.

Even though Lu Yunshuang was the daughter of the secondary wife, she was still brought up and educated by the Grand Duke Family. She was well-fed and well-dressed, and was not deprived of etiquette lessons. How was it that the Grand Duke Family had treated her unfairly? Yet, the words that came
out of Lu Yunshuang ended up couth and unrefined.

A slut erecting a chastity archway?

‘Who was she insinuating?

At that moment, a cold look flashed in the Dowager Duchess’s eyes. The last strand of sympathy she had for Lu Yunshuang had disappeared.

Maybe she should not have been surprised. With a mother like Madam Zheng, the Dowager Duchess should never have harbored expectations for Lu Yunshuang.
Even then, the Dowager Duchess still felt a little disappointed.

Lu Yunshuang was still her granddaughter, after all. The Dowager Duchess had watched her grow up. Even though the Dowager Duchess was never fond of Madam Zheng and had even hated Madam Zheng for using such underhanded tactics to force Ling Lihua away, she had taken in Lu Yunshuang
because the girl was her son’s flesh and blood. Even though the Dowager Duchess did not pamper her, she had never treated Lu Yunshuang badly.

She had never thought that Lu Yunshuang would think so badly of her.

After Zeng Lunan had come forward today, it did not make sense for the Dowager Duchess to stop her real father from meeting Lu Yunshuang.

To be honest, even when Zeng Lunan had approached them, it had never crossed the Dowager Duchess’ mind to cut ties with Lu Yunshuang. If Lu Yunshuang was willing, the Dowager Duchess would have allowed her to continue being part of the Lu Family, just like before.
However, the words spouted by Lu Yunshuang and the things she did were chilling to the core.

‘The Dowager Duchess sat back into her chair and her wise eyes glared authoritatively at Lu Yunshuang. “Do you think that we made all of this up?”

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Lu Yunshuang calmed her nerves and glanced at Ling Lihua. When she was sure that Ling Lihua would not attack her, she questioned the Dowager Duchess, “Didn’t you?”

She continued hiding behind Zeng Lunan while she spoke..

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