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Chapter 769: 769

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Chapter 769: The Demon Physician’s Apprentice

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“Frostbite’s a rare but also wicked slow-acting poison developed by the Demon Physician. Its victims…”
“No need to introduce its usage. Just tell us the Empress Dowager’s plan.”

Just when Matron Chen was about to explain Frostbite’s properties, Zhao Qian quickly interrupted her.
Please, if everyone were to know that Master was once impotent, he would be utterly humiliated!

‘What an evil old hag!

Matron Chen was startled, and not daring to mention Frostbite’s properties anymore, continued, “The Crown Prince was still young back then, so the Empress Dowager thought of using Frostbite on His Majesty. That way, His Majesty could secure the throne for the Crown Prince, and when the Crown
Prince became an adult, the poison would have taken full effect…”

Frowning, Lu Liangwei asked, “Since the Prince didn’t do it, why did he commit suicide?” No matter how timid he was, he did not have to get so scared and commit suicide without even fighting for a chance to defend himself. Unless.
Long Yang said slowly, “Because the Prince received the news that I saw him as a threat and wanted to kill him. He didn’t want his family to get hurt because of him, so he killed himself.”

Matron Chen nodded. “That’s right. Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager had been closely monitoring Madam Zheng, and she found out that she’d given birth to a baby girl a month ago. A few days later, the Grand Duchess gave birth to the Empress, and at that time, the Empress Dowager had already sent
Liu Fu to bring Madam Zheng and her daughter back and kill her husband, too.”

“Under the pressure of coercion and temptation, Madam Zheng finally agreed to serve the Empress Dowager. She came to the Grand Duke Mansion with her daughter and acted all pathetic and desperate. Sure enough, like what the Empress Dowager expected, the Grand Duchess couldn’t stand the Grand
Duke’s betrayal and left the mansion resolutely. But the Empress Dowager was still worried, so she sent a group of covert guards to intercept and kill the Grand Duchess…”

After saying this, she glanced at Ling Lihua uneasily.

The Empress Dowager had planned everything carefully, but she never imagined that Ling Lihua would still be alive and even cured the Emperor of the poison..

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