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Chapter 776: So Adept At Assuming An Air Of Importance

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Chapter 776: So Adept At Assuming An Air Of Importance

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Lu Liangwei snorted coldly. ‘I’ve said before that you shouldn’t be so full of yourself. Not only are you ignoring my words, but you’re still acting like you’re an important person! Lu Yunshuang, it doesn’t matter to me whether you admit to your mistakes or not. Like I’ve said, your crimes are enough for you to
die a hundred times.”

Lu Yunshuang suddenly had a bad feeling when she heard this. She clenched her fingers tightly.
Lu Liangwei continued, ‘I’ve asked you once before to hand me the medicine books that you took from my mother. Those books have the cure of Frostbite recorded on them, but you’ve hidden them away for yourself.”

The look on Lu Yunshuang’s face changed as she began to defend herself agitatedly, “This is ridiculous! I’ve never seen those books on medicine before. Besides, what use do I have for those books?”

Lu Liangwei knew that her guess was right when she saw the over-the-top reaction from Lu Yunshuang.

The original story had mentioned that Lu Yunshuang and Long Chi knew that Long Yang had been poisoned with Frostbite. They were aware of the cure, but had kept it secret on purpose.

Lu Liangwei had always found it strange why Lu Yunshuang and Long Chi would know the cure to Frostbite. When she made a visit to the study in Fragrant Blooms Court and noticed the empty spot on the book rack, a theory crossed her mind.
Could Lu Yunshuang have learned about the cure from reading those books on medicine taken from her mother’s study?

It looked like she had guessed right.

“What use do you have for them, you ask? It’s because youre afraid someone would find out about the cure to Frostbite from my mother’s books. You’ve known all along that His Majesty was poisoned with Frostbite and had hidden the books on purpose. Your motive for doing this is to help Long Chi. If His
Majesty is unable to cure his Frostbite, Long Chi would ascend to the throne quickly and your dream of becoming the Empress would come true.”

Lu Yunshuang unexpectedly calmed down when her secret was revealed. She said sarcastically, “Your Highness is truly clever. Looks like youre quickly turning into a detective.”
A small smile appeared on Lu Liangwei’s lips. She was not angered. “Are you speaking with such a weird tone because I’ve revealed your secrets?”

Lu Yunshuang snorted coldly. “It’s such an admirable trait of yours to be able to make up a story out of thin air, Your Highness. Something that doesn’t exist sounds like the truth when you say it.”

Lu Liangwei sighed softly. She had never thought that Lu Yunshuang would still be so adept at assuming an air of importance when things have already come to this.

“It’s fine if you aren’t willing to admit a thing, The sole fact that you committed the crime of conspiring with imperial court officials to force young girls from good families to prostitute themselves is enough for His Majesty to sentence you to death.”

Lu Liangwei knew all along that Lu Yunshuang would never admit to it. She had purposely mentioned this subject in order to convince her mother to drop the suspicions she had about Lu Liangwei.

Her mother had been too embroiled in her own troubles to properly think about why Lu Liangwei would have medical skills and find a cure for Frostbite. Now that the topic had been mentioned again, her mother would naturally have her suspicions about Lu Liangwei.
That was why Lu Liangwei wanted to emphasize how Lu Yunshuang had taken a few books on medicine from Fragrant Blooms Court.

Lu Liangwei had made a correct guess that her mother left behind the medicine books regarding curing poisons in her study, and one of them had specifically documented the cure for Frostbite.

Just as Lu Liangwei thought, Ling Lihua’s suspicions disappeared on the spot. Even the Dowager Duchess and Long Yang were hit with the sudden realization.

Long Yang’s gaze fell onto Weiwei. No wonder this girl could learn to cure and manufacture poisons at such a young age. She was even able to easily cure Frostbite, something Chief Physician Lin was unable to do. It was all because of the books on medicine left behind by Ling Lihua..

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