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Chapter 79: 79

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“Have you had your dinner?” She walked down the stairs and spotted a little wine jar in his arms, and could not help asking.

Lu Tingchen lifted the wine jar in his hands and looked at her with an eyebrow raised. “I came looking for you because I haven’t had my dinner.”

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched when she heard his blunt reply.

That must mean he was expecting her to cook.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to get straight to the point and ask me to cook?” She made a grim expression on purpose, acting unhappy.

Lu Tingchen pinched her on the cheeks as he smiled. “Father would skin me alive for treating you as a cook.”

As he spoke, his other hand, which was hidden behind his back, brought out a meal box like magic. “There’s no need for you to work so hard cooking for me. I passed by Drunk Fragrance Pavilion on my way back and took away some dishes and a jar of wine. Let’s have a drink together?”

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard him mention Drunk Fragrance Pavilion, but she took over the jar of wine from him without betraying her thoughts. She said in a chatty manner, “Big Brother, I was out walking a few days ago when I visited Drunk Fragrance Pavilion as well. You would never guess who I bumped into there.”

Lu Tingchen followed behind her into her room and replied without much thought. “The dishes at Drunk Fragrance Pavilion are famous in the city for being top-notch. Those who go there for their meals are either high-ranking officials, nobles, or descendants and disciples of renowned families. It would not be strange for you to bump into someone you know.”

Lu Liangwei placed the wine on the table and instructed Zhu Yu to bring over some bowls, chopsticks, and drinking cups.

She lowered her voice somewhat mysteriously as she said, “Big Brother, I saw Lu Yunshuang at Drunk Fragrance Pavilion that day. She was in men’s apparel and pretended to be one. There was also Chen Xuping with her. Don’t you find that strange? If she frequents the restaurant for her meals, why would she be in such a weird disguise? Could she be doing something shady?”

Lu Tingchen had just sat down and was slightly surprised hearing what she said. “Are you sure you didn’t see wrongly?”

Lu Liangwei also sat down. “Of course I did not, but she didn’t notice me.”

Lu Tingchen pondered for a while and warned her. “Lu Yunshuang has always been a scheming person since young. You should minimize contact with her and it’s best if you stay away from her.”

In his eyes, Weiwei was too naïve while Lu Yunshuang has a conniving personality. He was always worried that Weiwei would be bullied by Lu Yunshuang.

Even though Lu Yunshuang was also his sister, he had never liked her and he always refused to get involved with matters involving her.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I understand. I just wanted to share this with you because I thought her actions were a little strange.”

She had mentioned seeing Lu Yunshuang at Drunk Fragrance Pavilion because she wanted to give him a hint about something fishy going on at the restaurant, but she was worried about saying too much as he might cast some suspicions on herself, which was why she decided to let it be at this point.

Zhu Yu brought the bowls, chopsticks, and wine cups, and the siblings ate while they drank.

Lu Liangwei’s original self had a great capacity for alcohol, but this body’s original host could not hold her liquor. She had only drunk two cups when her head started to feel heavy with dizziness.

“Big Brother, this wine is too strong, I can’t anymore…” Her body fell to the side as she said this, almost falling to the ground. It was lucky that Lu Tingchen was quick and managed to grab on to her.

“Why are you that bad at drinking?” Lu Tingchen did not know whether to laugh or cry as he watched the young girl in his arms.

This pair of siblings used to only sit together at the same table during family banquets and have never had a meal together in private, which was why he had no idea how much could his little sister drink.

He stared at the jar of wine on the table with some regret.

Both brother and sister had been estranged since young and it was with some difficulty that their relationship had finally improved recently. However, he had to be at the Palace daily for his duties and did not have much time to accompany her.

When he had passed by Drunk Fragrance Pavilion, he remembered how he had not shared a meal with his sister for quite a while. Hence, he went in to take away a few dishes and even got them a jar of wine.

He could hold his liquor very well and thought that his sister would not be too bad with her drinking, but in the end, he had overestimated it.

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