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Chapter 793: 793

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Chapter 793: For Some Reason, A Chill Came From Somewhere

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Lin Qingyuan snorted with laughter. “T’ll look forward to your words coming true.”

“Who was the one who just said she wanted to be single for her entire life? Now you can’t wait to prove yourself wrong, and here you are laughing so happily about it,” Lu Liangwei teased as she shook her head.
Lin Qingyuan choked.

The three of them chatted for a while more before Lin Qingyuan and Chen Qiyu finally said their farewells and left.

Zhu Yu saw both of them out of Grand Phoenix Palace.

Chu Yi was passing by while leading the palace guards on patrol. He did not see Zhu Yu walking from behind. His eyes brightened at the sight of Chen Qiyu, who was at the front of the group, but did not recognize her immediately.
Chen Qiyu used to have an alluring and seductive look about her, but now, there was a bright, pretty look on her make-up-free face, which stunned Chu Yi momentarily.

‘Where did this beautiful woman come from? he thought to himself.

He could not help staring at her.

Next, his gaze fell onto Lin Qingyuan.

They had met a few times, after all. He was about to walk over and greet her when he saw Zhu Yu appear from behind Lin Qingyuan.

The sight of Zhu Yu reminded him of the time when that girl had secretly discussed with Chu Jiu about how to turn him into a eunuch.

For some reason, he suddenly felt a chill coming from somewhere. He was about to pretend that he had not seen them and walk ahead when Lin Qingyuan suddenly called out, “Hey, isn’t that Old Uncle Chu Yi?”
Old Uncle?

Chu Yi paused slightly in his steps and clenched his teeth as he turned around.

“Miss Lin, how rude of you. How can you call me an old uncle?”

Lin Qingyuan sized him up with a strange look and said without backing down, “How is it rude that I’m calling you an old uncle? Aren’t you even aware of your own age?”

Chu Yi choked. “What about my age?”

Lin Qingyuan did not want to continue the conversation and pulled Chen Qiyu away with her.

Zhu Yu quickly got a junior eunuch to lead the way for them.

Chu Yi was still standing where he was when Zhu Yu returned, and she immediately felt goosebumps all over.

She rubbed her arm and glared at him condescendingly.

She had seen very clearly how Chu Yi was staring at Beauty Chen.

Zhu Yu was about to walk past him to enter the palace directly when Chu Yi suddenly grabbed her arm. “Miss Zhu Yu, wait a minute!”

Zhu Yu immediately slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me. Let go, let go now!”

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Chu Yi did not expect her to react so agitatedly and he was taken aback.

It was not until he felt her nails scratching him that he finally let her go awkwardly.

“Miss Zhu Yu, I don’t think I’ve offended you. Why would you be so ruthless with me?” he said a little innocently. He lifted the back of his hand, which now sported a few extra scratch marks.

Zhu Yu felt a little bad when she noticed the marks on the back of his hand.

It looked like she had indeed overreacted quite a bit just now.

‘Well, it was because this guy was always looking so lecherously at others. Besides, he had grabbed her arm without warning.

Zhu Yu cleared her throat and tried to prop herself up to look more indignant. “That was my natural reaction to you suddenly grabbing my arm and refusing to let go.”

Chu Yi smiled bitterly. “Isn’t your natural reaction a little too over-the-top?”

Zhu Yu looked at the scratches on the back of his hand and felt a little guilty again. She relented. “Fine, I did overreact a little, but consider this a lesson for you. Don’t grab someone like that again.”

Chu Yi flexed his hand, which was stinging from the scratches. The corner of his mouth twitched when he heard her words. Now he felt strongly that women were not to be trifled with, especially the young ones.
He decided to let it go. He was the adult here, and he should not be acting so petty with a little girl.

As he looked at his wounded hand, Chu Yi felt he needed to say what was on his mind. Otherwise, he would have been hurt for nothing.

He coughed gently and asked, “Well, Miss Zhu Yu, I have something to ask you.”

Zhu Yu had planned to ignore him, but when she saw the wounds she inflicted on the back of his hand, she decided to be patient and asked, “Make it quick. I need to return to serve Her Highness..”

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