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Chapter 807: 807

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Chapter 807 He Is Old Enough To Be Her Father


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Lu Liangwei calmed down slightly, but still found this quite incredulous. “How old is that Danjue princess? Why would she be interested in my father?”
“Wanyan Jin mentioned in his letter of credence that Princess Luosang is fifteen this year, the same age as you.”

The corner of Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched. “I admit my father is pretty handsome, but he will be thirty-nine after the Lunar New Year. He is old enough to be her father.
She is just a naive little girl, why would she be interested in my father?”

Her father was twenty-three years older than Princess Luosang. Just how unique was Princess Luosang’s taste in men?

Long Yang coughed in slight embarrassment when he heard those words. “Danjue’s has a pretty strong-willed culture. They even have the practice of sharing wives.
Besides, this is just a minor issue of age difference.”

Even though he was eight years younger than Lu Hetian, Weiwei was still considered a young girl. He was fifteen years older than she was, which was also old enough to be
her father.

He felt slightly unsettled as he watched the tender, smooth face of the girl in his arms.

it could be said that he had forced the girl into marriage. If he had not used certain tactics, she would never have agreed to marry him.
The look in his eyes darkened at this thought and he sighed silently.

He hugged her tighter in his arms.

ff he had to do things all over again, he would not have changed a thing.

This could be because he was selfish.

Even though he was aware of how much older he was, he was obstinate about having every inch of her belonging only to him.

“Your Majesty, you can’t agree to Wanyan Jin’s unreasonable request. My father belongs to my mother,” Lu Liangwei held his hand and said seriously. She did not notice His
Majesty’s inner struggle because of her previous comment.

Long Yang grabbed her around the shoulders and said dotingly, “Don’t worry about it.”

Lu Liangwei finally stopped vexing about it. She yawned and leaned into the man’s arms.

Ever since she was pregnant with his child, she had not experienced any usual pregnancy symptoms, but she became sleepier than usual and felt that she never had enough
sleep, especially now during the winter. She found herself often lazing in bed, unable to wake up.

This was a result of her pregnancy, but the major cause of this was actually Long Yang’s pampering.

As he watched the girl getting drowsy in his arms, Long Yang carried her and stood up. “If you’re tired, you should be lying on the bed.”

“Alright,” Lu Liangwei replied obediently.

After she had set down in her bed, Long Yang considerately covered a blanket over her.

Lu Liangwei got up slightly and pulled at the corner of his sleeve. She stared at him with her bright eyes. “Accompany me, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang smiled and tousled her hair lovingly. “Alright.”

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As the months went by, the girl became needier.

Every time Long Yang was at Grand Phoenix Palace, she would insist on pulling him in to sleep together.

Once he laid down, Lu Liangwei would burrow into his arms and find a comfortable position.

His Majesty had such a warm embrace. It was so comfortable. She did not feel cold at all during the nights when she hugged His Majesty to sleep.

Long Yang’s heart was filled with content as he watched the girl lay against him. He patted her gently on the back until she fell asleep.

Lu Hetian’s journey was delayed due to the snowstorm, but he finally arrived at the imperial capital a day before Lunar New Year’s eve.
Lu Liangwei had wanted to head outside the city to welcome him, but Long Yang did not allow it.

She was pregnant, and the weather outside was cold and the ground was slippery. He would naturally not agree to it.

Lu Liangwei understood the reason and did not insist on it.

“You’ll see your father tonight. There’s no need to be so anxious about it.”

Long Yang consoled her somewhat helplessly; he was aware how much she missed her father.

The first thing Lu Hetian needed to do upon returning to the imperial capital was enter the Palace to meet the Emperor, but Long Yang had sent someone to inform him in
advance that there was no need to enter the Palace. Lu Hetian only needed to return to his home to settle down before coming to the Palace at night for the banquet.

Lu Hetian planned to ride his horse back to the mansion after handing over Great Shang’s ambassadors to the Ministry of Rites.

Right at that moment, however, Wanyan Luosang jumped out from her horse-drawn carriage and stood in front of his horse. “Grand Duke, please bring me back to your

The officials at the Ministry of Rites looked embarrassed when they witnessed this.

This princess from Danjue was quite shameless.

However, they felt the Grand Duke was pretty lucky with women to be able to mesmerize such a girl.

Everyone could not help but feel envious.

Lu Hetian, however, was rather annoyed. His expression darkened. “Princess Luosang, please be more respectful of yourself!”

Wanyan Luosang lifted her head to look at him. There was no fear in her face, only admiration. “We are guests here. Shouldn’t you display your graciousness as the host?”
“This is not my responsibility. Go to the official at the Ministry of Rites if you need anything.” Lu Hetian’s face was grim.

“Please move aside!” If not for the fact that she was the same age as Weiwei, he would not have treated her this politely..

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