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Chapter 825: 825

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Chapter 825 His Majesty’s Heart Would Never Change, Would It

The womenfolk’s gazes swept past the young and pretty beauties as they thought in their hearts, ‘No matter how much His Majesty loves Lu Liangwei, how could his heart not be moved by the sight of so many beautiful women of different and unique characteristics?’ Lu Liangwei was also momentarily astonished by the scene.

She had not expected Wanyan Jin and Long Xiao to both offer beauties as tribute to His Majesty.

Lu Liangwei’s gaze fell onto those young and pretty beauties standing in the middle of the hall as she nodded sincerely.

They were indeed quite young and really beautiful… They even had perfect bodies.

It looked clear that Wanyan Jin and Long Xiao had put a lot of thought into this.

The Dowager Duchess frowned but stopped herself from losing her temper.

However, a murderous look crossed Ling Lihua’s face.

Green veins were throbbing on Lu Hetian’s forehead as well.

If Weiwei were to even drop one tear, he would not hesitate to sacrifice the entire Grand Duke Family to kill those two b*stards, Long Xiao and Wanyan Jin!

How could he allow his daughter to suffer such humiliation?

Also, if His Majesty dared to accept those beauties, he would not mind being labeled a traitor if he had to get justice for Weiwei.

This was his daughter, the apple of his eye. He would not allow them to bully her this way.

Lu Hetian was furious, but was unexpectedly calm. However, his eyes stared dangerously at Long Xiao and Wanyan Jin.

The animosity in this gaze was so intense that to the point that Long Xiao and Wanyan Jin could feel it. They turned back in reflex and immediately met the eyes of Lu Hetian, which were filled with the intention to kill.

Both of them were chilled to the heart and they could not help but wonder if they had been too rash in their decisions.

This was nothing but a tribute of beauties, right?

Why would the Grand Duke have such a frightening look in his eyes?

However, they were already convinced that if His Majesty accepted those beauties, the Grand Duke would immediately come lunging toward them for a duel to the death the moment they stepped out of the hall.

At the thought of this, both men’s backs broke out in cold sweat.

The hall was once again engulfed in an uncomfortable atmosphere. It was quiet, too quiet, but it was a type of silence that made it difficult for everyone to breathe.

Right at the moment, Lu Liangwei laughed softly as she said to Long Yang, “I was just thinking about how the Palace is too quiet now. I had no idea that Lord Wanyan and the Prince of Xiangyang would be considerate enough to offer beauties to you. The imperial harem would be more lively after today and I won’t get too lonely or bored. Isn’t that right, Your Majesty?”

Long Yang’s gaze glanced dangerously at her, but he held her hand. “My Empress is right.”

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Wanyan Jin and Long Xiao were delighted at this.

All the officials looked enviously at His Majesty.

The Dowager Duchess, Ling Lihua and Lu Hetian, however, shot grim looks at the Emperor.

The womenfolk, on the other hand, looked at Lu Liangwei with delight over the trouble she was facing Men were the same all over. There was no such thing as being faithful to one woman.

was no

The imperial harem would become a lively place soon.

The Pure Consort looked at His Majesty with mixed feelings. She did not dare believe that His Majesty would actually accept those beauties.

Furthermore, she could not understand why Lu Liangwei would act with such generosity.

Lu Liangwei could have rejected those beauties on behalf of His Majesty. Why was she saying those words instead?

Or were those words of anger?

Lin Qingyuan could not help worrying about Lu Liangwei as well.

Could His Majesty have a change of heart?

What would Weiwei do now?

Just as everyone was making their respective guesses, they suddenly heard His Majesty speak to Lu Liangwei in a business-like tone, “Isn’t your place in need of palace maids to help fetch water to wash your feet? I seem to remember that you also need quite a few to help clean the lavatory. Now that you’re pregnant, you can’t stand any trace of bad smells. You should get people to keep watch over the lavatory every day and clean it in time. Also, you need a few more maids to help you clear your chamber pot at night. You’re getting heavier with pregnancy and you’re bound to use it more often at night.”

The corner of Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched when she heard his detailed words.

She paused and replied with consideration, “Why do you care only for me, Your Majesty? Wouldn’t you need a few too?”

Long Yang cocked his head to look at her with an expression of understanding. However, there was actually a furious glint in his eyes. Lu Liangwei tried her best to hold in her laughter as she changed the topic, “Your Majesty, why not pick a few for Chu Yi? He has always wanted a wife and this is a good opportunity.”

With that, she turned to look at Chu Yi. “Chu Yi, go on and pick one for yourself. If there is anyone that suits your taste, I’ll grant you marriage immediately.”

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