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Chapter 832: 832

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Chapter 832 You Reek Of Alcohol, Your Majesty

Manna nodded.

Zhu Yu asked again, “Are you really not going to follow him?”

Manna looked over in the direction she was pointing at and saw Chu Yi.

Her gaze lingered on the wine pot in his hand, then on the stain on his shirt, and she shook her head decisively. “I don’t like drunkards. Besides, he looks really unkempt…”

Chu Yi, “…”

Zhu Yu stifled a laugh at Manna’s blunt honesty.

Even Chu Jiu could not help smiling.

Chu Yi slammed the wine pot down angrily.

Was there something wrong with this wild woman’s eyes?

How in the world was he a drunkard?

Not to mention, he was clearly a dashing young man, far from unkempt!

He must have been blind to have taken a liking to her just now.

She may have a pretty face, but now that he looked at her again, he found her figure not attractive at all.

Her butt was too big, and her arms were too thick. Only a blind person would choose such a woman as a gift for Master. Thank goodness Master’s taste was more sophisticated.

At first, he had been bubbling with enthusiasm to see so many unique, beautiful women, but now that he looked at them again, he found them dreadfully ordinary and uninteresting.

Picking up his broadsword, he said to Chu Qi, “Let’s go, Lil Qi.”

Chu Qi glanced at him shortly before following him out of the hall.

“Let me tell you; women are a real pain in the neck. I’ve finally come round to the idea that instead of making my life miserable, I might as well enjoy the comfort of living alone.” Chu Yi wrapped an arm around Chu Qi’s shoulder and declared dramatically.

Chu Qi looked at him in surprise. “Aren’t you only saying this because that Danjue woman rejected you?”

Chu Yi was stunned for a while before composing himself to say, “Nonsense!”

Chu Qi blurted suddenly, “Zhu Yu’s actually not too bad. She’s a good match for you.”

Chu Yi stopped in his tracks and looked at him suspiciously. “You’re quite talkative today.”

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“I just feel it’s time you get a wife,” Chu Qi answered with the air of an elderly man giving advice.

The wariness in Chu Yi’s heart increased. “Why are you…”

“Yesterday, you got up in the middle of the night and took a cold bath,” Chu Qi interrupted him.

Chu Yi stopped walking as a thought came to him, and he bit his thumb in horror. “Chu Qi, y-you spied on me?”

Chu Qi shot him a look and reminded him, “I sleep in the room right next to yours.” He could hear everything through the wall.

Chu Yi was still unsettled as he watched the boy walk away. This kid was already somewhat abnormal, and he might have some peculiar interests. He decided to move out of that room once he went back.

He refused to continue being neighbors with this kid.

Even though they were only separated by a wall, how could Chu Qi know that he got up for a cold bath in the middle of the night unless he had been paying extra attention?

The more he thought about it, the more creeped out he felt!

After Lu Liangwei saw her family off, she returned to Grand Phoenix Palace with Long Yang. It had already stopped snowing outside, and the moon and stars were visible in the night sky. Long Yang enveloped Lu Liangwei in his arms. “Are you cold?” Lu Liangwei took his broad hand and whined cutely, “You’ve asked that three times. I’m not cold now.” Holding his hand, she skipped around in the snow, unwilling to enter Grand Phoenix Palace just yet.

“It’s too cold to play out here. Let’s hurry up and go in.” After watching her play for a while with no plans to head indoors, he could not help coaxing her softly.

Glancing at him, Lu Liangwei suddenly leaned over, sniffed him, and commented with distaste, “You had quite a lot to drink tonight. You reek of alcohol, Your Majesty.”

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