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Chapter 857: 857

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Chapter 857 Often Enjoy Wine At The Brothel

Zhu Yu caressed the jade pendant around her neck. She could tell that this was a piece of quality jade. Chu Yi must come from a good family, but she did not ask anything about it. All she said was, “I might have already said yes to you, but since my Miss gave us three days to consider, let’s just inform Miss about this three days later.”

Chu Yi nodded. “Alright.”

Zhu Yu pursed her lips and glanced at him.

Chu Yi had always acted quite unruly, which was why she had never really looked at him seriously.

Now that she was seeing him, she realized Chu Yi looked quite good. He was tall and upright too.

Zhu Yu paused a while before suddenly saying with a smile, “Brother Chu Yi, you are actually quite good-looking.”

Once the young lady had left, Chu Yi’s legs finally weakened as he fell sitting on the long bench.

He kept thinking about the words Zhu Yu said before she left.

Brother Chu Yi was actually quite good-looking

Those were the most touching words he had heard this year.

Just as he was immersed in his wild thoughts, he felt a weight on his shoulders and Zhao Qian appeared. “I see things must have been settled for you now that you’re giving off such a lusty-looking smile.”

Chu Yi did not break out laughing as he held it in. He wrapped an arm around Zhao Qian’s neck and said excitedly, “Thank you for the help, Butler Zhao.”

Chu Qi came over just as he finished his sentence.

Chu Yi paused and said in a solemn tone. “Lil Qi, I’m buying you stinky tofu tonight.”

Chu Qi darted him a look. “I’m tired of it.”

“Well, how about I buy you wine at the brothel?”

Chu Qi turned to leave.

Chu Yi was taken aback but quickly caught up. “Where are you going?”

“To look for Zhu Yu.”

“What do you want with Zhu Yu?” Chu Yi had a bad feeling about this.

“To tell her that you often enjoy wine at the brothel.” Chu Qi did not even blink as he reached out to push Chu Yi away.

Chu Yi was shocked as he quickly went forward to hold Chu Qi down. “There’s a saying that goes that one would rather demolish ten temples than destroy one marriage! Lil Qi, heaven will punish you if you do this.”

“I just don’t want to act against my conscience.” Chu Qi frowned.

Chu Yi almost cried. “I’m just saying it for fun. Alright, alright. Choose whatever you want to eat. I’ll get you any dishes I’m able to get my hands on.”

Chu Qi’s lips moved and he was about to say something when he saw Zhu Yu suddenly come walking back.

Her eyes widened at the sight of them hugging each other and her mouth hung agape.

“Both of you… So, you like men?” Zhu Yu was shocked.

Chu Yi quickly let Chu Qi go. “No, we don’t. It’s not what you think.”

However, Zhu Yu did not seem to mind as she broke out in a smile instead. She looked them both over carefully and waved them off. “It’s fine, it’s really fine. You can ignore me as if I’m transparent.”

Chu Yi, “…”

Chu Qi, “…”

Zhu Yu said with a smile. “I can’t believe I met actual gay people. That’s nice. You two do look good together.”

The corner of Zhao Qian’s mouth twitched.

He looked at Chu Yi and Chu Qi’s faces, which were now black as the bottom of a cooking pot, and laughed mercilessly.

Zhao Qian coughed lightly and said somewhat righteously. “Sigh, the two of you should control yourselves. It’s broad daylight and it’s not a good sight for others to see you this way.”

The more he said, the more guilty they seemed.

Zhu Yu was quite excited about this. “How long have you two been together?”

She suddenly understood why Brother Chu Yi wanted to marry her. It was because she would serve as a fake front for them.

Chu Yi replied unhappily. “Chu Qi and I are innocent, don’t you spread any falsehood about us.”

Zhu Yu nodded. “So, this is a misunderstanding. Don’t worry, I won’t simply tell people.”

However, once she left, she immediately shared this with Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei was drinking water in the room when Zhu Yu shared this. When she heard Zhu Yu’s words, pfft! She spat out the water she had just drunk.

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