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Chapter 860: 860

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Chapter 860 He’s Just A Wily Old Fox

After arriving at the imperial holiday home, Zhao Qian showed Wanyan Jin and Wanyan Luosang around the place.

“The snow may have melted, but the weather is still rather cold, so both of you must stay warm. There’s a plum orchard here. If you’re interested, I can take you to admire the plum blossoms.”

When Wanyan Luosang did not see Long Yang after the tour was over, she could not help asking a little impatiently, “Why didn’t I see the Emperor and Empress?”

Zhao Qian hesitated for a second before saying, “Now that Her Highness is pregnant, she loves the quiet and dislikes being disturbed.” In other words, he was telling her to know her boundaries and leave the couple alone.

However, Wanyan Luosang was not such a sensible person, and hearing this, she frowned and said in displeasure, “Is this how your kingdom treats its guests? How can the master neglect them?”.

Zhao Qian snickered to himself, ‘So you do remember that you’re just a guest?’

“In Great Shang, the Emperor is above everything and everyone else. His Majesty has already appointed officials from the Ministry of Rites to receive both of you, but why did you leave the city on your own without waiting for the officials’ company?”

As the supreme ruler, the Emperor had no reason to accompany them himself. He had already appointed officials from the Ministry of Rites to receive them, but they were the ones who threw the officials off and acted on their own.

Was this the kind of etiquette practiced in Danjue?

Wanyan Luosang was not stupid and could naturally detect the sarcasm in his tone.


“Luosang, don’t be rude,” Wanyan Jin reprimanded her in a low voice, so Wanyan Luosang had to hold her tongue.

Zhao Qian dusted off his sleeves exaggeratedly and summoned the housekeeper. “Take good care of Prince and Princess Wanyan.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Zhao Qian did not stay any longer and left the imperial holiday home.

Wanyan Luosang snapped angrily, “That damn fat man!”

Wanyan Jin did not speak and sat down on a chair nearby.

Wanyan Luosang said furiously, “How dare that fat pig leave us here! This is too much!”

“Luosang, behave,” Wanyan Jin eventually opened his mouth.

Wanyan Luosang said, “How can you still be so calm, Brother? That damn eunuch clearly left us here on purpose. We don’t even know where the Emperor is.”

Wanyan Jin pressed his fist to his lips and coughed before saying, “The Emperor isn’t in this holiday home.”

Wanyan Luosang exclaimed in disbelief, “That damn eunuch did it on purpose?” Even if they were diplomatic envoys from another kingdom, Zhao Qian was just a eunuch. How would he dare?

“He was instructed by the Emperor.” There was a cold, menacing glint in Wanyan Jin’s half-closed eyes.

Hearing this, Wanyan Luosang was dejected. “If he doesn’t want us to follow, why even bother doing this?”

“We asked for a favor. Great Shang is a mighty kingdom, and there’s no reason for the Emperor to refuse us, so he let Zhao Qian bring us to an imperial holiday home. It may not be the same one he was going to, but it’s still a holiday home, nonetheless. There’s no room for finding fault with him,” Wanyan Jin explained slowly and patiently.

Wanyan Luosang immediately understood, and her beautiful eyes shone with interest. “The Emperor of Great Shang is pretty cunning.”

“Yes, he’s just a wily old fox,” Wanyan Jin said indifferently.

In the past few days, he had ordered his subordinates to collect information.

It was all about Lu Liangwei.

From what he heard, the Empress used to be in love with the Emperor’s nephew, who was now the Prince of Xuyang, but he fell in love with her sister.

Lu Liangwei had even hung herself once for the sake of that Prince.

After her near-death experience, her personality changed drastically, and she even captured the Emperor’s attention.

The Emperor was an even more fascinating character. He had kept his distance from women for dozens of years, but after meeting Lu Liangwei, he made an exception for her.

He made a girl fifteen years younger than him his Empress.

This matter was definitely not as simple as it seemed.

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