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Chapter 865: 865

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Chapter 865 He Had Been Quite Over Eager

Lu Liangwei felt a little worn out after walking one round with Long Yang. So, Long Yang brought her back to the room for some rest.

The sky had turned slightly dark when she woke up.

Lu Liangwei flipped onto her side and saw Long Yang reading while leaning against the bed pole. She called out lethargically, “Did you not sleep?”

Long Yang placed his book down and rubbed her head. “I did, but I simply woke up earlier than you.”

Lu Liangwei peered at the sky outside, feeling rather reluctant to get out of bed.

However, she was a pregnant lady now and it was understandable for her to be a little slothful.

This was how she comforted herself.

Long Yang asked, “Are you planning to get up now?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I want to continue sleeping.” Long Yang said with an air of helplessness, “You’ve slept for quite long already. If you continue napping, you won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

“Then I won’t sleep. I’ll just lie down and sleep when it’s late,” Lu Liangwei said indignantly.

Long Yang bent down when he heard this. He fixed her with a soulful gaze. “Weiwei.”

“Yes?” Lu Liangwei looked at the man who was inches away from her and instinctively lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck. Her bright eyes had a vague misty glaze to them.

“It’s been a long time since we last…” Long Yang stopped mid-sentence.

Lu Liangwei immediately realized what was about to happen. She attempted to pull away, but it was too late.

Long Yang eventually released Lu Liangwei when the sky was completely dark.

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She was pregnant now, after all, and no matter how much he desired her, he had to exercise some self-control.

Lu Liangwei knew that he did not satiate his appetite for her, but there was nothing she could do.

She felt utterly drained and her hair was damp on this freezing day.

It had been too long since she was last bedded and she felt a little unaccustomed to it.

Long Yang fetched her some hot water and cleaned her up carefully, even helping her to wash sleepwear afterward.

Now that she was on the verge of dozing off, Long Yang quickly said, “Weiwei, don’t go to sleep yet. Have something to eat before you sleep.”

“I don’t want to. I want to sleep,” Lu Liangwei said coquettishly, then kicked him. She yanked the blanket over her and wrapped herself tightly inside it.

Long Yang was unable to do anything with her.

He had to concede that he had been quite over eager.

He turned to leave, then returned with a bowl of chicken soup. He patted Lu Liangwei. “My dear girl, get up and drink something before continuing with your sleep.” Lu Liangwei ignored him completely. It looked like she had really fallen asleep.

Long Yang eyed the bowl of chicken soup. After a moment’s contemplation, he poured the soup into his mouth and bent down. He took Lu Liangwei’s face into his hands and his lips met hers.

Lu Liangwei had not fallen fully asleep. She suddenly felt a strange sensation on her lips and her breathing felt inconsistent. She had no choice but to open her eyes.

“If you refuse to wake up, all I can do is feed you this way,” the man’s voice chimed from above her head.

Lu Liangwei shuddered as she suddenly realized what she had just drunk. Her sleepiness was washed away immediately.

She hastily swallowed and shoved the man on the shoulder. “I’ll get up and drink now.”

Satisfied, Long Yang finally moved away. He scooped another bowl of chicken soup and fed her spoonful by spoonful. Lu Liangwei lowered her head. She felt a little embarrassed to look into his eyes and her face was feeling rather hot.

The soup was quickly polished.

Long Yang then instructed Zhu Yu to bring dinner in.

This time, Lu Liangwei did not laze about. She hastily finished the meal without Long Yang needing to say another word. She even ended up overeating in the end.

As such, when Wanyan Jin’s attendant came to invite them over for roast mutton and kumiss, Lu Liangwei looked particularly conflicted.

A twinkle appeared in Long Yang’s eyes as he turned to address Wanyan Jin’s attendant. “The Empress has just finished her dinner. She’s had quite a lot of roast meat this afternoon and as she is pregnant, it’s not suitable for her to consume roast meat at night. I thank Prince Wanyan for his kind invitation. Please ask him to enjoy his dinner.”

The attendant reported Long Yang’s words back to Wanyan Jin.

Wanyan Jin lost his appetite as he stared at the whole roast mutton in front of him.

Wanyan Luosang was slightly disappointed too.

She thought that she would get to see His Majesty again with the excuse of the roast mutton banquet, but they ended up not coming at all.

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