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Chapter 876: Long Yang’s Brutality  

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However, Lu Liangwei knew the man well. Despite the promise he made, he was probably going to order for them to be killed in secret.

She sighed to herself.

That said, she knew that the Emperor was only so brutal because the Pure Consort scratched her hand.

He had always been ruthless toward others, but he devoted all his tenderness to her and her only.

After thinking for a while, she placed his hand on her stomach and said softly, “I mean it. They may deserve to die, but for the sake of our child, let’s spare them. Let’s take it as an act of accumulating virtue for our child, all right?” She shook his arm pleadingly.

Long Yang could never resist her when she acted like this. He could not have cared less about the Pure Consort, and even though she had an affair with another man, he did not mind.

He had only wanted to execute her for violating moral standards in accordance with the palace rules, but he could still consider sparing her.

However, he could not forgive her for scratching Weiwei’s wrist.

He had intended to have Chu Yi execute Zhan You and the Pure Consort in secret, but Weiwei seemed to have seen through his plan.

He could never refuse any of her requests.

Although Long Yang was still seething at how the Pure Consort had clawed Weiwei’s wrist, he eventually agreed. “Very well. Since you don’t want them to die, I shall spare their lives.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Lu Liangwei beamed.

The corners of Long Yang’s mouth twitched up slightly, the frost in his eyes thawed.

Their interactions were so brimmed with affection it was as if nobody could ever come between them. As the Pure Consort lay on the floor watching, tears spilled from her eyes.

Sometimes, she really envied Lu Liangwei for having the Emperor’s love all to herself.

The Emperor was the most regal and cruelest man in the kingdom, but who would have known that he was capable of doting on someone so tenderly.

“Yu’er, are you all right?”

Zhan You’s worried voice brought her back to her senses.

Turning her head and gazing at his concerned face, she suddenly felt a sense of liberation.

She had struggled in the harem for ten years, yet the man she pursued piteously had never even spared her a single glance. However, she had forgotten that there was another person who had once loved her just as much.

She had searched in vain for so long, but that person had always been by her side.

She had been too foolish for trying to chase after a happiness that did not belong to her.

After so many years, she was still harboring unrealistic hopes.

Lu Liangwei was right about what she said in the imperial garden.

She had indeed thought that way.

Even if she could not win the Emperor’s love, at least she could still make him hate her.

No man could ever tolerate his woman betraying him.

However, she was utterly wrong, just like what Lu Liangwei said. She was worth nothing in the Emperor’s eyes, and he could not have cared less about what she did.

He only wanted to kill her because she broke the palace rules and because she hurt Lu Liangwei.

“Zhan You, His Majesty has spared us. Take me with you. Let’s leave this place and start a new life somewhere else where no one knows who we are.” She lifted her hand and stroked Zhan You’s cheek, her voice gentler than ever.

Zhan You’s eyes were red. His heart ached at the sight of her covered in blood, but it soared with joy at the same time. “All right. Let’s go.”

He turned and kowtowed reverently to the Emperor and Empress, saying sincerely, “Thank you for your mercy, Your Majesty, Your Highness. I’ll remember it forever, and I wish both of you a lifetime of peace.”

With that, he got up, scooped the Pure Consort into his arms, and left Grand Phoenix Palace.

However, he had only taken a few steps when Zhu Yu caught up with them. She tossed two bottles into the Pure Consort’s arms and wrapped a fox-fur robe around her. “My mistress said that you shouldn’t catch a cold after recently suffering a miscarriage. The medicine in the green bottle is for you to recuperate, and the white bottle is for him to treat his wounds. All the best.”

After saying all that, Zhu Yu went back.

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