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Chapter 914: 914

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Wanyan Zhi suddenly lifted his hand to touch Lu Liangwei’s face when he heard this.

Lu Liangwei was taken aback. This reminded her of something and her heart began to beat wildly. She turned to Zhao Qian and instructed, “Get His Majesty’s crown here.”

Zhi’er had touched the pearls on His Majesty’s crown last night.

Zhao Qian immediately went off to do as he was told.

The others had no idea what had just happened.

Long Qingzhi was looking at Wanyan Zhi with a bit of a panic.

Could Weiwei suspect that Zhi’er had something to do with her brother’s strange behavior?

Lu Liangwei held Wanyan Zhi’s hand and led him over to the table. She picked up a piece of Plum Blossom Cake that was fresh out of the pot and put it in his hands. She said gently, “You must be hungry, Zhi’er. Have a piece of Plum Blossom Cake to fill your stomach first.”

Wanyan Zhi took the cake from her and began to savor it slowly.

Lu Liangwei watched him for a while before suddenly asking, “Zhi’er, what did your Grandaunt Luosang talk to you about last night?”

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Wanyan Zhi lifted his eyes to look at Lu Liangwei and said in his childish voice, “Grandaunt said that she will get someone to bring Father’s favorite horse to Great Shang once she returns to Danjue.”

His command of the Chinese Language had improved with Long Qingzhi teaching him during this time. He no longer stammered when speaking in long sentences.

Lu Liangwei looked at him for quite a while before smiling and saying, “Is that all?”

“Yes.” Wanyan Zhi nodded.

Bits of the Plum Blossom Cake covered the corners of his mouth. “Grandaunt would definitely keep her promise to me.”

Lu Liangwei asked, “Why did your grandaunt suddenly make the promise to bring back your father’s horse to Great Shang for you?”

Wanyan Zhi kept silent as he lowered his head and continued eating the Plum Blossom Cake.

Lu Liangwei sensed something was wrong.

She had already had her suspicions when she had spotted Wanyan Luosang together with Zhi’er at the Jade Dew Hall last night, but did not think much of it.

In retrospect, she realized there was more than meets the eye.

“Has your grandaunt ever visited you at the Grand Princess of Ning Mansion since she came to Great Shang?” Lu Liangwei pressed.

Wanyan Zhi shook his head.

Lu Liangwei mused over it when she saw his reaction.

It looked like Wanyan Luosang did not care for Zhi’er as much as she thought.

If she really adored Zhi’er, why would she not visit him after arriving at Great Shang for such a long time, and only got close to him last night?

Was she planning to use Zhi’er for something?

“Zhi’er, do you know why your grandaunt is here at Great Shang?” Lu Liangwei suddenly asked.

Wanyan Zhi stopped eating when he heard this and looked at Lu Liangwei with his big eyes. It was clear that he was curious.

“She came to Great Shang seeking a political marriage. This means she would not be returning to Danjue anymore. If she doesn’t return to Danjue, how is she able to help you bring your father’s favorite horse over to Great Shang? She’s lying to you.”

The expression on Wanyan Zhi’s little face changed when he heard this. He retorted, “That’s not possible. Grandaunt would never lie to me. She promised me.”

He sounded like he was about to cry when he said this.

Long Qingzhi could no longer bear it. She immediately rushed toward him and held him in her arms.

“Be good, Zhi’er. Don’t cry.”

Lu Liangwei stood up. When she saw the little boy hiding in Long Qingzhi’s arms, she felt slightly helpless and a little guilty. She patted his back to console him. “Zhi’er, I know you like horses. Why not let your uncle bring you horse riding in the future?”

Wanyan Zhi hugged Long Qingzhi around the neck and sobbed quietly. “I don’t want to. I only like it when Father brings me horse riding. Father…”

Long Qingzhi felt heartbroken for her son. She began cajoling him in a soft voice, “Zhi’er, don’t cry. I’ll take you horse-riding one day.”

Lu Liangwei felt bad too, and had no choice but to stop questioning him.

She began to have some suspicions about something after her conversation with Wanyan Zhi.

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