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Chapter 928: 928

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As she watched the man lying awkwardly next to her, her eyes suddenly became blurry.

“Your Majesty…” she called out softly, nuzzling into his arms as if it was the most natural thing to do.

Long Yang’s entire body stiffened when the girl’s soft body suddenly pressed against his.

When he realized what was happening, he lifted his hands and placed them on her shoulders, attempting to push her away. However, she responded by grabbing onto him and refusing to let go.

Long Yang’s handsome face was a little flushed, he felt quite uncomfortable as he hissed, “Lu Liangwei, how can you be so indecent?”

Lu Liangwei blinked innocently as she replied indignantly, “You used to hug me to sleep just like this.”

Long Yang choked.

He suddenly hated himself a little for being fatuous. He had been clearly seduced by the girl’s beauty.

A dark look fell upon his handsome face.

“That was before and this is now. Lu Liangwei, I order you to keep your distance from me.”

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A mischievous look flashed in Lu Liangwei’s eyes as she looked at the man who was changing his mind faster than lightning. “You were the one who climbed in here, Your Majesty. I did not ask you to do so. Since you’re already in my bed, you’re not allowed to push me away without my permission, nor are you allowed to leave.”

Long Yang gave an annoyed shout of laughter. “As a woman, how could you act so unreasonably?”

“Does that mean a man is allowed to act unreasonably? Have you asked for my consent before getting into my bed? Didn’t you climb in here because of your desires? Now that you’ve achieved your goal, you’re trying to turn your back against me just to cover your tracks. The unreasonable one is you, Your Majesty,” Lu Liangwei’s said in a complaining tone.

“You’re my Empress. Not only your room, but your bed, and even you…are all open to me.” Long Yang clenched his teeth and sneered.

The room suddenly went dead silent the moment he finished his words.

It took quite a while for Lu Liangwei to register what he had just said. She mumbled, “Hooligan!”

Long Yang was equally stunned.

He had never thought that he would blurt something out like that. An awkward look crossed his handsome face. It was lucky that the room was dim and his face was covered by the dark, otherwise, Lu Liangwei would have seen his expression.

Lu Liangwei was about to move away when the man’s iron-like arms circled her waist. She was instantly rendered immobile.

She lifted her face, trying to take a look at him, but the lighting was too dark and she was unable to see his face clearly. She gave up.

Her hands pressed against his chest. “Your Majesty, it’s getting late. Let’s go to sleep.”

She tried to escape his solid grip as she said this, but he held onto her tightly and she was not able to get her way.

Lu Liangwei did not believe that he did not understand her words.

He had just acted like he was a man of pure abstinence who did not want to be touched by her. No, however, he was the one being thick-skinned and insisting on staying. What did he actually mean by this?

“Don’t you want me to hug you to sleep? We’ll sleep like this.” Long Yang’s voice sounded stiff.

Lu Liangwei was so irritated she laughed. She had tolerated this for far too long and she punched him in the abdomen without warning. “I don’t want you to hug me anymore. Let me go.”


Long Yang grunted and glared at her in disbelief.

Even though a woman like her did not possess much strength, if she had punched a little lower…

She must have done that on purpose!

Long Yang’s handsome face turned green as he pursed his lips silently, but he still did not let go of her.

Lu Liangwei waited for quite a while. When she saw that he was not doing anything, she said angrily, “Since you like hugging me so much, I’ll allow you to hug me. That said, I need to remind you in advance that the baby in my womb is yours. You had better be careful with it and don’t end up making me sleep uncomfortably. You’re also not allowed to throw me off the bed after I’ve fallen asleep.”

Long Yang’s almond-shaped eyes narrowed when he heard this. “Do I look like such a horrible person?”

“It’s difficult to say. You’re the one who pushed me at the imperial garden yesterday!” Lu Liangwei yawned. When she realized that he was persistent about not letting her go, she found a comfortable position in his arms and closed her eyes to sleep.

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