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Chapter 95: 95

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It had not been too long ago since Second Miss Lu was bestowed with the Southern Seas pearls, right?

His Master had never been so generous in rewarding the same person more than once.

What did this Second Miss Lu do to have cheered up a dragon like his master to the point of receiving consecutive rewards?

It seemed like his Master would be showering her with gifts every single time Second Miss Lu entered the Palace. If this continued, the storage room would be stripped bare in no time.

Zhao Qian was a little worried over this.

Lu Liangwei looked with puzzlement as her carriage was filled to the brim with things. She asked, perplexed, “Butler Zhao, are you heading somewhere else to deliver these gifts?”

Zhao Qian’s painful gaze tore away from those gifts and sighed soulfully. “I’m seeing Second Miss Lu back to the mansion under the orders of the Emperor, and to also deliver all these gifts to the mansion at the same time.”

Lu Liangwei blinked. She thought she had misheard him.


The conversation she had in the study room with the Emperor did not end well. She had thought Long Yang would have condemned her with punishment and was mentally prepared to receive it.

However, not only did she avoid punishment, she had even ended up with a carriage full of gifts.

She hesitated before looking at Zhao Qian. “Did the Emperor bestow all these to me because he wants to give me a warning?”

Zhao Qian was climbing up the carriage when he heard the words, which caused him to slip and nearly fall off the carriage.

Fortunately for him, his expertise in martial arts helped him stabilize himself in time.

He gave a conflicted look at Lu Liangwei. He would have dearly wanted such a ‘warning’ for himself. Better still if he could receive a dozen a day.

Lu Liangwei watched his fair, plump face twitch slightly, as if he wanted to say something but was forcing his mouth shut. She suddenly realized how silly she sounded.

She gave a dry laugh and randomly picked a box from the heap of gifts and handed it to Zhao Qian. “Butler Zhao, please accept this.”

Zhao Qian glanced at the box.

He was the one who picked the gifts. All he needed was one look to know what the box contained.

The box contained a fine, superior quality ginseng. It was more than a hundred-years-old, if not two hundred. The ginseng was very valuable. It was difficult to purchase such a ginseng even if one had the money.

However, this Second Miss Lu was actually giving it to him so casually.

Zhao Qian hesitated for a while. To accept, or not to accept?

If he declined it, there will be one less superior quality ginseng in his master’s storage room. If he accepted it and his Master found out, would he end up getting the short end of the stick?

Zhao Qian struggled with this difficult decision for quite a while before painstakingly rejecting her. “Second Miss, these were all bestowed to you by Master, I do not dare to accept it.”

Lu Liangwei studied him with a look and threw the box aside after confirming he was serious about the rejection. “Fine, we’ll forget about it.”

There was a plop and the box fell into the heap of gifts and vanished.

Zhao Qian watched it with pain.

Did this Second Miss know that the item she had just thrown to the side casually was a fine, superior quality ginseng?

Sigh, what a reckless waste of heavenly gifts!

Lu Liangwei got the horse carriage to turn toward the Eastern Palace and picked up Zhu Yu before leaving the Palace together.

Lu Liangwei glanced at the box in Zhu Yu’s hands. “This is what the Crown Princess wanted to pass to grandmother?”

Zhu Yu nodded. “Yes, Miss.”

She held her tongue about Lu Yunshuang as Zhao Qian was present.

Lu Liangwei nodded and said nothing.

Even though there was no evidence about what happened today, the issue with the little palace maid must have been Lu Yunshuang’s doing.

She sneered privately. This was all there was to Lu Yunshuang’s schemes.

She had thought about what sort of trap was awaiting her, and after waiting for half a day, it was nothing but a shoddy scheme such as this.

Lu Yunshuang wanted to make her fall into the water and get saved to shore by a bunch of men. Lu Yunshuang would then start spreading rumors everywhere, claiming she had lost her reputation. Was that it?

Lu Liangwei shook her head and sighed.

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