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Chapter 950: 950

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“However, we overlooked the fact that Zhi’er respected you because you used to care for him back when he was in Danjue. What’s more, you tempted him with his father’s favorite horse, which naturally made him even more willing to obey your request.” At this point, Lu Liangwei lifted her gaze. “Am I right, Princess Luosang?”

Wanyan Luosang’s face had completely drained of color, and the composure she had fought to maintain had crumbled as well.

She looked away, not daring to make eye contact with Lu Liangwei.

How did Lu Liangwei know everything so clearly?

It was as if she had been listening in on her when she was giving Zhi’er instructions that day.

Horror surged in Wanyan Luosang’s heart.

She wanted to refute, but when she met Lu Liangwei’s icy gaze, she felt her heart sink like a stone.

It seemed that she would not be able to clear her name today, no matter how she defended herself.

However, instigating Wanyan Zhi to poison the Emperor was a heinous crime, and even her brother would not be able to save her.

The thought made her tremble in fright, and she raised her voice to a shrill cry. “What a load of nonsense! Why would I want to harm the Emperor? Lu Liangwei, these are all one-sided claims you’ve carefully crafted to frame me. The Emperor would never listen to your baseless accusations. I demand to see him!”

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Lu Liangwei glanced at her airily, unfazed by her words. “Why would you want to harm the Emperor, you ask? I’m sure you know the answer best. Or would you like me to reveal your purpose here?”

Wanyan Luosang’s pupils shrank, but she was certain that Lu Liangwei was saying this to deceive her, not because she knew the truth.

Feeling confident, she sneered. “I, for one, would like to hear what kind of story you’ve fabricated, Your Highness.”

A smile twitched at the corner of Lu Liangwei’s mouth, and she abruptly changed her approach. “Princess Luosang, I can ask the Emperor to give you a light sentence on the grounds that you’re not the prime culprit, but only on one condition – you must confess the mastermind’s identity.”

Hearing this, Wanyan Luosang was so startled that her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

She never expected Lu Liangwei to say that. What else did she know?

She collected herself, barely able to contain her fear.

However, Lu Liangwei’s words presented a glimmer of hope to her at the same time, and she blurted out, “What mastermind?”

Lu Liangwei said slowly, “You made Zhi’er poison the Emperor with something called parasitic venom, which is produced in Southern Xinjiang. As someone who grew up in the Great Desert, you wouldn’t have much knowledge about poisons. I’m sure you’ve never even heard about this venom before, so how did you get hold of it?

Someone else must have instructed you to do this, right? If you reveal who that person is, the Emperor will definitely give you a light sentence.”

Wanyan Luosang was alarmed.

Indeed, she did not know the origin of the venom, but the old woman did explain its effects to her.

For a moment, she was overcome with inner turmoil.

She did not expect Lu Liangwei’s every word to be so close to the truth.

How could she know so much?

For the first time, she realized that she had been underestimating Lu Liangwei all along.

She was not just a pretty face.

Unfortunately, this realization arrived a little too late.

She was ensnared in a battle between rationality and emotion.

She had flatly denied making Zhi’er poison the Emperor, but if he insisted that she was guilty, it would bring both kingdoms to a deadlock.

At that time, not only would she be unable to marry the Emperor, but the treaty between their kingdoms would also collapse.

More importantly, she might be convicted of her crime.

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