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Chapter 953: 953

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After all, his father’s death had always been weighing on the boy’s heart, which was why he cared a lot for anything related to his father.

He thought that by helping Wanyan Luosang, he would be able to get his father’s horse, but he never expected that his respected grandaunt had been lying to him from the beginning. She had never intended to give him his father’s horse, and the harsher truth was that—it had already died long ago.

At first, Lu Liangwei had only planned to trick Wanyan Luosang into denying her promise in front of Zhi’er and make Wanyan Zhi lose his faith in her. Afterward, she would give him some counseling and guide him to expose how Wanyan Luosang had instigated him.

However, she did not think that Wanyan Luosang would reveal the death of Zhi’er’s father’s horse just to deny that she had made a promise to Zhi’er.

This was far beyond her expectations.

Although she had not foreseen this outcome, it was nevertheless her fault for making Zhi’er go through all this despair, and seeing Zhi’er so heartbroken filled her with remorse.

Lu Liangwei stroked the little boy’s head and said gently, “Zhi’er, next time you visit the palace, I’ll show you a magic trick.”

Only then did Wanyan Zhi turn and glance at her. He hesitated for a while, then asked, “Will you lie to me, Auntie?”

Lu Liangwei sighed. It seemed that Zhi’er had really been hurt by Wanyan Luosang.

“Of course not. I’ve never lied to you, and I never will.”

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Wanyan Zhi’s gloomy face finally lit up, and he nodded lightly. “I believe you, Auntie.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart softened. “I’m happy that I can gain your trust. I still have something to do, so I won’t stay here any longer. Next time when you’re free, you must come and visit me in the palace.”

“I will.” Wanyan Zhi sniffed back his tears and replied meekly.

Long Qingzhi was delighted to see that Zhi’er was finally no longer so dejected.

Lu Liangwei was also slightly relieved.

Long Qingzhi walked Lu Liangwei to her carriage in person.

Before Lu Liangwei boarded the carriage, she asked in concern, “How’s Brother’s condition? Is he all right?”

“He’s perfectly fine, except that he doesn’t remember me.” Lu Liangwei shrugged. “You should go back inside with Zhi’er. No need to see me off.” With that, she took Chu Jiu’s hand and climbed into the carriage.

Hand in hand, Long Qingzhi and Wanyan Zhi stood in place and watched the carriage disappear into the distance before going back indoors.

The carriage rumbled toward the palace.

Inside, Chu Jiu clenched her fists, then showed Lu Liangwei her sweaty palms. “You scared me to death just now.”

Lu Liangwei knew that she was referring to Wanyan Luosang’s assassination attempt. The corners of her mouth turned up, and she took out her handkerchief and wiped Chu Jiu’s hands, saying, “I thought you weren’t scared of anything.”

Shocked, Chu Jiu pulled back immediately. “Please be careful, Your Highness.”

Lu Liangwei was bewildered. “What do you mean?”

With a rueful smile, Chu Jiu reminded, “If His Majesty sees you being so kind and gentle to me, I’m afraid I won’t live to see another day.”

Lu Liangwei shot her a look. “Nonsense.”

Chu Jiu said gravely, “I’m telling the truth.” After serving the Empress for so long, she was already deeply aware of how jealous the Emperor could be.

The Emperor was terrifyingly possessive of the Empress, and his jealousy was not limited to a specific gender.

“For the sake of my fragile life, you should keep your distance from me, Your Highness,” she reminded her considerately.

Lu Liangwei shrugged. “You’re right. The Emperor has a bad temper. If he sees me wiping your hands, you probably won’t even live past tonight.”

Chu Jiu’s slim figure trembled. The Empress was just as terrifying.

Changing the subject, she said, “But if anything had happened to you just now, I think I really won’t be able to live past tonight.”

Lu Liangwei said in amusement, “I’d already planned everything long ago. Nothing could possibly go wrong. I trusted that you could stop Wanyan Luosang in time.”

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